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Using natural energy with therapeutic candles

Using natural energy with therapeutic candles.

Using natural energy with therapeutic candles

Using natural energy with therapeutic candles. Health is the pillar on which life is based. At the dawn of humanity, precedent of doctors; healers, shamans, etc … vast and rudimentary methods used: ointments, plasters herbóreos …

Evolution and future of the world are united science and medicine. We have acquired two separate knowledge of health / disease. But the human being and science are far from absolute wisdom hoarding so far to our condition. And the candles have also played an important role.

Live fire torches lit, lit, heated and accompanied the first steps of our ancestors. Also they evolved and their use and meaning. Modern man has powerful resources: conventional medicine; strongly established in our society. In parallel are alternative therapies, it is in this wide range where we place the candles. Candle art has developed a wide range of candles for therapists and healing to the general public. Inspired by the ancient wisdom; and the effectiveness of beeswax and magnetism of plants, roots and seeds.

They are suitable for all professionals who want to have a simple, natural and effective remedy. The formulations herbóreas botanical respond to a previous study, according to the purpose for which they are intended. And they consist of a range of up to 40 plants, roots and seeds mainly from the Mediterranean herbalism our country. Drivers energy and are one of the first magnitude; for optimal results. The colors also bring positive factors. For example Depression is orange candle, a warm color and closely related to the positive energy. Or Insomnia and Nerve, blue, very cool color suitable to balance and soothe our psyches. And so we proceeded with all references therapies. All our candles therapies are designed to provide comfort, energy and recovery of ourselves as individuals. And bring light and hope.

For more information on the sails of therapies, you can view videos on our website, as well as explanations of the Cod. 2.0 … in candleart.es.

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