Meaning of a candle

Meaning of a candle

Meaning of a candle

Meaning of a candle

Meaning of a candle. Man from antiquity has always found in the fire a motive for worship, protection and petition for his gods and knowledge of the new life after earthly death.

Today, after several centuries, we continue to use candles, as a guiding thread to ask our departed relatives or our elevated spirits also called Guardian Angels, all kinds of requests such as: Protection towards our person, friends or family. Have work or improve it in quality. Situations difficult to solve, such as addictions, spells of magic that we could have envy, bureaucratic matters in general (lawsuits, banks, procedures …) to expedite them and to go in our favor.

It also helps our health, both in the preventive aspect or in a surgical intervention, so that our recovery is fast and in a good mood.

In one way or another, our requests will be heard and with positive results in the vast majority.

However we also have to be grateful to who helps us, the best way is to remember them with an affinity of feelings, based on faith towards the Creator.

In the market there is a great variety of candles, for different sectors, with their corresponding requests. There are paraffin, soy wax, virgin bee wax …

In practice (said by different means), it has been shown as the best energetic conductor between man and the divine, the candle of pure beeswax, far ahead of the others. Its effects are very positive in a very high percentage with a very fast result (we would say immediately).

In Candle Art we manufacture all our candles with virgin wax (pure beeswax), reinforced with a combination of plants for each situation, each bearing its color or corresponding colors, related to the problematic that concerns us.

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