Various. Well, arrived and at this point, dear friends, we can happily argue; with all subgroups packs already mentioned in previous articles we have tried to cover almost all the needs that we manifest contemporary men and women. Our environment for it somehow.
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The clearest advantage offered by the ritual in pack for the uninitiated in the esoteric subject; They are so extensive that contain explanations on how they should be used candles.
This subgroup also packs contains or encompasses a variety (they are listed as OTHER). That is, they are quite interesting subgroup.
They have arisen, incidentally, of the need that our customers have shown to a very specific problem. Who can not solve problems by themselves.
They have also asked for very specific ritual festivals of the year and even to leave us alone when we can not cope with something.
The alternative sector breaks with increasing force within our environment.
And either for studies or practices of some mancias specifically, sometimes people need a boost to energy and mental level to be intellectually very active.
So we’ve created the pack H-1: How to increase your spirituality or your psychic ability.
It happens a lot, in these current times we get irritated very quickly and sometimes disputes seem endless. With the energy cost that this entails.
Well, when we’re pretty sick of trivial fights (or sometimes major) pack .We can go to H-2, which will cut to the chase conflicts and return to tranquility.
On many occasions to our surprise we find customers who claim to have been the subject and victim of some kind of magic. Either because the unreality and unexplained phenomena and rare nature flood their lives. And can not much they want, fix it and return to normal daily lives.
That is when the H-3 pack: Cut magics of any kind, it becomes an effective and emergency tool.
There are a number of very important holidays in the Catholic calendar ancient and deeply rooted in our tradition and our culture.
These can not be obviated in any way, because it could involve denial of our own identity and a very cohesive culture with the more distant past. On special days marked as Christmas, New Year’s Eve and San Juan; high celestial spheres doors open a cosmic humans so that we can benefit from the graces that we can provide for our well-being for our own evolution.
And of course they should be exploited because only occur once a year. Christmas ritual is an important occasion to ask for a renewal of love, luck and health. It is also a great opportunity to ask that the goods that we have been given renewed and reign in our environment bliss of happiness without equal.
The New Year’s Eve Ritual (pagan and non-religious holiday), is one of the most celebrated festivals and extolled worldwide.
Basically it represents a hope for renewal. Releasing ballast everything negative we have endured during the year and renewed hope (in our hearts) that a new life much better for our approach is possible. The Ritual of San Juan is also a desired and expected throughout the year event. Perhaps it is more related to the weather and a change of highly desired station. The Ritual of San Juan has to do with the summer solstice, traditionally with the fire element.
On the one hand able to burn all the negatives that have been dragging all year and energy and strength that gives us the element of fire to be very active and get renewed strength.
The last two Rituals pack H-7 and H-8 that concern us in this sector are very interesting.
Of these the guidelines that mark the current attitudes of society in which we live are released.
And it is that many times people come into our lives that do not provide positive and constructive things. We carry negative energy with his personality. This should not tolerate in any way.
Our home should be like our sanctuary. A place where we gather with peace and tranquility. When this threatened: H-7 and pack away everything negative. Intolerance is one of the great evils that currently afflict us as individuals. And although always want to comply with the agreement circumstances are not always the best.
When we are not able to withstand the pressure: pack H-8 and pressing will relax.
As you can observe, CANDLE ART is very concerned about his public.
But perhaps what we most wanted to contribute in this last section is being and happiness to overcrowded lives of problems.
With Rituals CANDLE ART pack everything you combatiréis overwhelms you and will bring you practical and lasting solutions.
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