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Virgin Wax Candles

Virgin wax is beeswax and the common base we have for all our virgin Wax Candles, we do not use paraffin, (synthetic petroleum derivative), or other types of waxes. We believe from our own experience that the best spiritual and energetic conductor for man’s communication with the creator has to be a highly natural product; beeswax is considered today to be the best. Both the virgin Wax Candles and the virgin wax candles are an offering that we make to the higher spheres and which they will appreciate much better. Virgin beeswax candles candles and virgin wax candles are pure and natural offerings that will connect with them more by their essence and nature. Main features: beeswax candle, handmade candles, craft candles and therapies with beeswax candles.

Beeswax Candle

If the offering is more synthetic and more artificial, logically a full connection with these spheres will be much more difficult, because they are completely isolated from the material and the earthly, let us remember that God the Father created nature and to offer it part of it in the form of virgin beeswax candles; it is to offer it part of the essence that He has previously given us.

Both the virgin Wax Candles and the virgin wax candles have been used since ancient times to perform mystical rituals and to represent the four elements of nature. When a beeswax candle is lit, the powerful hidden forces of nature are set in motion.  Beeswax purifies and catalyzes the energies. Virgin beeswax candles are related to the element earth when it liquefies, it is representing the element water, to later transform into an emanation of the element air. In this case the esoteric beeswax candles are the channel transmitting the energies and requests. Candle Art is well acquainted with handmade virgin Wax Candles and of course: craft candles.

For the candle version we also make craft candles. Purity, peace, protection, truth, harmony, good projects … and great spiritual achievements: clairvoyance, mind, communication, happiness, luck, well-being and intelligence.

Handmade candles

All this and more can be achieved with esoteric beeswax candles. Those factors mentioned above have been related to the craft candles and the candles; as well as to a much higher level of purity and high vibratory energies so that the results are highly satisfactory. If they were not handmade candles, which at the end of the manufacturing process become candles, they could not give such good results. What is industrial, is not made with so much love. We can state categorically that handmade candles are craft candles because in their manufacturing process, they have completely escaped from artifice and chemicals. Perhaps, before the Industrial Revolution, it was much easier to buy beeswax candles.

Nowadays, the technological era is well established and although it may seem difficult, we can still buy beeswax candles.

Craft candles

We have talked about spirituality and esotericism, but little about the alternative sector. The fact is that therapies with beeswax candles are as effective as they are unknown. Virgin beeswax has emollient, healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Avicena, an important Persian doctor of the antiquity in his “canon of the medicine” cites formulas of medicines in whose composition the therapies with beeswax candles appear. Dioscorides, a Greek surgeon from the first century, frequently mentions honey in his book on “medical matters”, as well as therapies with beeswax candles. And in the Christian era, therapies with beeswax candles reached their zenith. It was applied as an ointment to wounds caused by arrowhead poison. In these cases the wax was able to neutralize the poison. Nowadays it is very important to buy beeswax candles pure unadulterated.

In conclusion

Candle Art has once again set out to bring you closer to the vast and wide world of applications derived from beeswax, so that we are able to understand that all these material applications can be used in parallel in the esoteric, alternative and spiritual world. The virgin wax candles is a successful gateway to other types of personal and material successes that you yearn for in your life.