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Esoteric candles wholesale, healing candles. Candle Art is entirely dedicated to the creation of high-quality, handmade esoteric candles, made from 100% beeswax with a mix of plants, roots and seeds. The herbal formulas have been created specifically for each candle.

Our high quality raw materials and their energetic preparation have ensured that our candles obtain exceptionally positive and rapid results. We have more than 300 varieties that touch on all of life’s situations, such as Energy Cleanse, Open Roads, Luck, Distance Negative Relationships, Attract Positive Relationships, Love, Business, Money, Employment, Exams, Studies, Protection… there is a description of and comments about each of our products on our website. Esoteric candles – Candle Art.

Esoteric candles, Holy candles, Santeria candles, for love, healing…

We have a wide range of products, covering many of the necessities of life, such as:

  • Breaking bad spells
  • Away people who hurt us improve our love life
  • Our resolve bureaucratic problems, help our health
  • Stability in the labor work, jealousy, fighting
  • Clean black magic
  • Evil eye

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We have a very comprehensive and entertaining web where you will find a very detailed description of our products, we invite you to comment and share on social networks about us and we also have a very interesting blog about the field in which we work.


Candle Art, craft candle manufacturer with sells to distributor, professionals and general customers


The manufacture of our products is very peculiar. Both in collecting plants in very specific dates within the Christian world, pure beeswax, purchased directly from beekeepers, the colors of each candle, designed and tested for each time and ultimately magnetized one by one, make the results of our candles are hard to believe for their effectiveness and promptness. 

The best test of credibility is to try it yourself because its price is somewhat higher than candles that are in the market, as mentioned earlier, today the price is what counts, but we can also ask the question: fix a problem … how much money did it with a candle ?.

Our customers logically before be, have always distrusted our sails for the price, but for some serious personal circumstances have tried it, being extremely satisfied with the result. We encourage you to try to solve any dissatisfaction of life (which always are). At the end of the day worth risking the price of our sails to win our tranquility.


Life offers us apparently to enjoy and live smoothly. But the reality is another sooner or later because the problems come without warning.
Our philosophy is to always provide help to overcome these stumbling blocks of existence, both people of faith, as those without.
Our candles are varied and different models and finishes, highlight code 1 candles.


Code 1, for its wide variety in providing solutions to various conflicts.


Code 2 are the eternal unknown. Perhaps for having an opinion of disbelief, but after all are the same energies that influence us.


Code 3, stand out for their sobriety. They do not carry dyes and use them who practice Wicca magic. Are completely natural and can be found in health food stores or herbalists.


Code 5, provide a good finish in the details and a variety for every request both to break black magic works, studies, insight into couples, sexual force …


Code 7, for its herbal composition and embedding coarse salt on the outside. Is a powerful tool to cut slumps or work black magic in people, short moorings third party, unclogs problems in a business, for the arrival of money, in short cuts and bad energy away.


Santeria is magic in African Americans. Must be given their importance and respect, like the rest of religions, we also have a variety of candles 8 code covering all needs.


It is another alternative, as they are prepared with all its elements and instructions on how to use them. It is a composition of candles and figures that make it easy and convenient to carry out a ritual, as well as gift is a very original idea, as they are presented in a beautiful wooden box and transparent PVC.


In the Christian religion, we can not ignore the magic of candles archangels code 18, pure beings. Away from the subject and servants of the creator. We have 7 Archangels one for each day of the week to help us solve our daily problems, whenever we ask. Candles are magnetized to receive help from each Archangel whenever we ask with faith and devotion, we have secured the help.


Each ritual must be done in the day that governs divinity.

MONDAY: It is the day that governs the moon. Benefits all women: household problems, children, parents, relatives, births, fertility, pregnant women, protection during pregnancy. Pacifica home and clean jealousy and selfishness.

TUESDAY: The day of the fight, in different cultures. Governs the planet Mars, ideal for cleaning energy as a result of black magic or evil eye. It is also ideal for cutting and separating undesirable people who hurt us and our loved ones day. It is also a good day for sex.

WEDNESDAY: It governs the planet Mercury. Its attributes are intellect, trade and luck. It is also protector of the destitute and sick people, giving comfort and protection.

THURSDAY: The great ruler is Jupiter. Good day to start bureaucratic or judicial proceedings, to seek work, success in professional activities and meetings with bankers for personal benefit or for our business.

FRIDAY: Planetarily corresponds to Venus. Is related to all the sensual and beautiful. Must be made rituals with everything related to feelings, friendship, love, love and erotic relationships.


SATURDAY: Saturn is the planet Correspondingly. It is a good day to expel negative energies, bad luck and ward off harmful relationships. Reassures hectic situations and people.

SUNDAY: A good day to harness solar energy, our luminary King. Is a good day for the success of wealth, prosperity and healing.

Therefore and considering all that we have explained, by way of conclusion we can say that you can get great results only with candles CANDLE ART. We are synonymous with rigor, seriousness and a strong philanthropic spirit to the success of humanity is the success of our success and personal satisfaction.

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