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In Candle Art, we are proud to manufacture and offer a wide range of esoteric candles and esoteric articles, which cover most of life’s needs, to give them a solution or to soften the problem itself. Our esoteric shop to buy candles is open to all the public who wish to make candle magic. Candle Art is a esoteric candles factory and a esoteric candles wholesaler. We have an esoteric online shop where you can buy your ritual with candles, you will also be advised on all the doubts you may have about candle magic. Our candle shop in Barcelona, since 1995 years old, enough time to experience the effectiveness of our products.

Our range of candles and candles are: petition, healing, plant, 7-wick candles, Buddha-shaped candles, skulls, male and female couples, male and female couples, phalluses, vaginas, pyramids, virgin wax and honey candles, salt candles, ritual pack candles, benzoin candles, myrrh candles, incense candles, incense and myrrh candles, saint-shaped candles, saint rituals, archangel candles. We also have esoteric oils to reinforce the ritual with candles, pure plant incense and benzoin, myrrh and grain incense.




We have a wide range of esoteric products that cover most of life’s needs such as:

– Breaking the bad patches, sometimes it seems that all the bad situations come together at once to make our existence bitter.

– To keep away toxic people that with time do not let us evolve in our projects and ambitions.

– To improve our sentimental life, the pillar of our happiness, with esoteric candles.

– Help in our state of health, also as a preventive and always as a complement to a conventional medical treatment, with esoteric articles and a ritual with candles.

– Solution to bureaucratic and judicial problems where the justice of man intervenes when buy candles Candle Art.

– Stability in our work, envy or harassment from colleagues or bosses, candle magic.

– Clean black magic, evil eye for people or business, in our esoteric shop.

– Assimilate life situations: separations, deaths, illnesses, help to leave addictions, with esoteric candles.

– Against anger, confrontations and disputes, calm down enemies, with our esoteric articles.

– Specific requests such as job interviews, exams, sales, surgical interventions… Candle Art is a esoteric candles factory.

– Increase strength and sexual desire, in our esoteric online shop.

– Keep enemies away, avoid criticism, unwanted visits, envy and jealousy with esoteric articles from our esoteric shop.


We are esoteric candles factory, beeswax with plants, we are also esoteric candles wholesaler (ask us about wholesale prices), we have esoteric online shop for sale to the public.

The web is very wide and pleasant where you will find information about all our esoteric articles. We invite you to give your opinion and share in the social networks about us, in our candle shop in Barcelona. We also have a very interesting blog about the field in which we work, about esoteric candles, when buy candles Candle Art, which can expand your knowledge about esotericism, making a ritual with candles and the way we work, being a esoteric candles factory. In our esoteric online shop you can buy with wholesale prices esoteric candles and also retail (to the public) all our esoteric articles and esoteric candles when buy candles.

Candle art, is a esoteric candles factory with sale to wholesalers of esoteric candles, professionals and general public.


The manufacture of our products is very peculiar. Both in the harvesting of the plants, and in their processing: on very specific dates within the Christian world, in the pure Beeswax, bought directly from the beekeepers. The colours of each candle, studied and experienced for each occasion and lately magnetized one by one, make the result of our candles difficult to match for their effectiveness and promptness.

The best proof of credibility is to try it yourself when buy candles, as their price is somewhat higher than the candles on the market. As we said before, nowadays the price is what counts, but we can also ask ourselves the question: solve a problem … how much money is a Candle Art ritual with candles worth?

Pure Beeswax ritual with candles

Our customers, logically before being, have always questioned our candles for the price. But for some serious personal circumstance they have tried them, being extremely satisfied of the result, the candle magic of all our esoteric articles gives them the reason. We encourage you to try them to solve any obstacle in life, (which there always are). After all, it is worth risking the price of our candles to achieve your goals. Candle Art is a esoteric candles factory and esoteric candles wholesaler in its candle shop in Barcelona. The esoteric articles (esoteric candles) in our esoteric online shop, undergo a rehearsal before being released, being magnetized for their purpose by making a ritual with candles.

In our esoteric shop or web you can see all our variety of candle magic or ritual with candles, being very pleasant with all the comments to buy candles. Candle Art is a esoteric candles factory and esoteric candles wholesaler since 1995.


Life is offered to us apparently to be enjoyed and lived without setbacks. But the reality sooner or later is different as problems come without warning.

Our philosophy of work is to always offer help to correct these stumbling blocks of existence, both in people of faith and those who do not.

Our candles, are varied and of different models and finishes, we emphasize the candles of the code 1. Esoteric candles.


Code 1, for its wide variety in giving solution to different conflicts, esoteric candles.


Code 2, they are the eternal unknown. Perhaps because we have an opinion of disbelief, but in the end they are the same energies that influence us.

Various components intervene in this process of healing or prevention. When we use candles for healing, we are mobilizing energies through fire, beeswax, plants and colors; a perfect cleansing to clear and change our energetic blockages. Our philosophy is that enjoying a full state of health and harmony, can provide us with a fully optimal state, to achieve our goals when doing a ritual with candles. Dear friends, the one who enjoys good health is closer to happiness.


Code 3, stand out for their sobriety. They are colorless and used by those who practice WICCA magic. They are totally natural and can be found in an esoteric shop of natural or herbal products. Esoteric articles.


Code 5, offer a good finish in the details and a variety for every request both to break black magic works, studies, rapport in couples, sexual strength, etc.


Code 7, due to its herbal composition and the incrustation of coarse SALT on the outside. It is a powerful tool to cut bad spells or black magic works in people, in short, it cuts bad energies and moves them away.


It is another alternative in ritual with candles, since they are prepared with all their elements and instructions on how to use them. It is a composition of candles and figures that make it easier and more comfortable to perform a ritual. Also as a gift is a very original idea, since they are presented in a nice wooden box and transparent PVC.


In the Christian religion, we cannot leave aside the candle magic of archangels, code 18. We have seven archangels, one for each day of the week. They help us to solve our daily problems, whenever we ask them. The candles are magnetized to receive the help of each Archangel. Whenever we ask for it with faith and devotion, the answer is assured by the candle magic.


Each ritual must be done on the day that it rules the corresponding planet:

MONDAY: It’s the day the moon rules, it benefits everything feminine: home problems, children, parents, relatives, births, fertility, pregnant women, protection during gestation. It pacifies the home and cleanses jealousy and selfishness.

TUESDAY: It is the day of the struggle. In different cultures, Mars rules the planet. Ideal for energetic cleansing as a result of black magic or the evil eye. It is also an ideal day to cut off and separate undesirable people who harm us and those close to us. It is also a good day for sexual relations.

WEDNESDAY: Mercury rules the planet. Its attributes are intellect, commerce and luck. It is also a protector of the helpless and sick, giving them comfort and protection.

THURSDAY: The great regent is Jupiter. Good day to start bureaucratic or judicial procedures, to look for work. Success in professional activities and meetings with bankers to obtain a personal benefit or for our business.

FRIDAY: Planetarium corresponds to Venus. It is related to everything sensual and beautiful. Rituals should be done with everything related to feelings, friendship, love, love relationships and eroticism.

Weekend ritual with candles

SATURDAY: Saturn is its corresponding planet. It’s a good day to expel negative energies, bad luck and to keep away harmful relationships. It calms down agitated situations and people.

SUNDAY: A good day to take advantage of solar energy. Our Astro King has a positive influence on the success of wealth, prosperity and healing.

Therefore, and taking into account the candles in our online shop, as a conclusion, we can say that you can get great results exclusively with CANDLE ART candles. We are synonymous with rigour, seriousness and a strong philanthropic spirit so that the success of humanity is also our success and personal satisfaction.


Nowadays there are many types of candles on the market; to decorate, to create atmosphere, to give away… But there are few candle shops in Barcelona dedicated to the production of ARTISTIC ESOTHERIC CANDLES OF VIRGIN WAX AND PLANTS, whose purpose is precisely that: to solve esoteric issues. Many people due to ignorance or lack of knowledge go to any kind of establishment to buy candles, no matter what the characteristics are for making candle magic. Logically, this is a mistake.

If we want to use esotericism to solve a problem in our lives, the best thing to do is to go to a candle shop in Barcelona. If they are esoteric candles made of virgin wax and plants, to make candle magic, we will obtain magnificent results. CANDLE ART’s candles are those of a lifetime, wholesaler of esoteric candles wholesaler of esoteric candles factory.

Both in their elaboration and in their result; we manufacture genuine esoteric candles handcrafted with 100% virgin wax, without synthetic petroleum derivatives such as paraffin or additives. The colors of each candle are studied and tested for each occasion.


As a esoteric candles wholesaler, another important aspect is the herbal formulation contained in our candles. Also of very high quality. All the herbal mixtures are carefully collected on two very significant dates in the calendar. We refer to Good Friday and the feast of All Saints (these days have a great energetic and religious potential). On those days we proceed to crush and combine them in our workshop. We have catalogued in our candle shop in Barcelona about 300 references (approximately). Each one with its herbal combination of between 30 / 40 plants. And each candle has its own exclusive formula, depending on the purpose for which it is intended to make candle magic. This is not repeated in any reference. Neither the herbal formula nor the colours are repeated.


These esoteric candles OF VIRGIN WAX AND PLANTS are magnetized energetically one by one with our traditional system. As a consequence we will obtain surprising and fast results. In the current market there are many candles, at a generic level, but very few like those of Candle Art, esoteric candles wholesaler. Use them if you really want to change the direction of your life, our esoteric online shop is always in contact with you.

And for any doubt that may arise, do not hesitate to contact us, our esoteric shop is at your service every day of the year.

In the light of a candle there are incredible little miracles

Some of the most important texts of civilization have been written, the lives of countless people have been saved and covenants have been sealed without which we would not exist today as we are. By candlelight, lovers have been engaged, newborn eyes have seen the light for the first time and that same light has guided them throughout their lives as a source of inspiration and a vehicle for learning.

It is clear then, that candles have accompanied us since time immemorial, but they do not only serve practical purposes, like those we have described above, they also have an esoteric meaning, the candlelight in itself physical and ethereal at the same time, serves us as a door from the visible to the invisible world, from the material to the immaterial. Can you take the light of the candle and separate it from its wax cylinder?

Candle magic… There is

The possibilities of candles are as well known as unknown. Their association with mystical purposes has always been more than justified, so we know of their use as a ritual for such diverse purposes as protection of the home, attraction of the loved one, prosperity, abundance, health, harmony, among many other things. Health is one of those that lead us, not only to a special attention, especially when we are sick, but to its “anticipation” in a state of prevention of any possible illness, is therefore one of the most common relationships of human beings with candles.


These are candles made in our esoteric shop, preferably as a therapeutic complement. They are handmade to create candle magic, made with beeswax, designed for prevention and healing in our candle shop in Barcelona. Also used in its preparation, various herbal mixtures, being the basis of Mediterranean herbalism. Its operation is simple. The candle eliminates the negative energy that afflicts us mentally and physically, providing us with positive energy. The way to use them varies from therapist to therapist.

One quite effective way is the laying on of hands. In this case, the therapist will take the candle in his hands and visualize the patient’s illness and while holding the candle, he will pass his hand over the affected area. Transmitting the healing energy to the area to be treated and vice versa; with the other hand he will channel the person’s negative energy to the candle. If it is a psychological condition, he will impose his hands on the patient’s head. The duration of the laying on of hands will depend on each person. Finally, the candle will be placed in a container, lit and left to consume until the end.

How to do the ritual ?

It can also be done by the person concerned. By holding the candle with one hand and imposing the other on the part to be treated. The therapists who work with natural medicine, when they perform their techniques, light candles. If they use virgin wax candles, their effects are greatly enhanced. Only pure (unadulterated) wax when burned produces negative ions, cleaning the environment of bacteria, viruses, dust, mold, and others … Candle Art, in our candle shop in Barcelona, we make candles of virgin wax,

Hand-made and with natural components. Visit our esoteric online shop and you will see it. Candles reconcile us with our inner self. Twenty-five years of experience in the sector have allowed us to verify; that the bee wax is the best energetic and spiritual conductor known by the man until the moment, to ignite them transmitting desires and hopes. The candles help us to transmit our intentions and desires in the beyond. We will never stop being part of the all.


Candle Art, with its esoteric shop and esoteric online shop, is a company that manufactures esoteric candles factory, constantly looking after the wellbeing of its customers. Since its foundation in 1995 we have not stopped creating and perfecting our esoteric candles, to make candle magic, a path full of hope. Being a esoteric candles wholesaler is a great ethical responsibility towards our fellow men. To buy candles Candle Art, in its esoteric online shop, is not only reduced to a pure material act, but it projects towards a tangible desire to reach all that good that the human being aspires. We can achieve this projection by performing a ritual with candles.

The ideal place to achieve all this that we propose, is in our candle shop in Barcelona. esoteric candles are still very much in fashion and Candle Art, being completely conscious, is at the forefront of esoteric creation in all its aspects and possibilities.

Candle Art’s reason for existence: Architects of Impossible Dreams.

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