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  • Use: it helps us to change the situation from one of domination to one of domination and vice versa. It is preferable to do the ritual on a Tuesday, engraving with a sharp object the full name of the oppressor on the candle, from bottom to top, and on top of that your name in much larger letters.
  • Day of use: Tuesday
  • Colour: Yellow and natural.
  • Size: 3,6 x 20 cm
  • 100% Beeswax
  • Category: Esoteric candles
  • General Catalogue
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Candle Dominant Spirit

The candle Dominant Spirit or dominant candle, is indicated in cases where someone dominates or harasses us, in an unpunished way and without reason for their own interests or satisfaction. The domain candle acts in such a way that the oppressor becomes dominated and conversely, the oppressed becomes dominant. It is a candle to tame couples, for a situation in which one of the two spouses gets upset and disrespects the other spouse. It is also a candle to unite a couple, when one of the two does not feel the same attraction as before. It is a sexual union candle and a attraction candle. If our partner has left us and we want him to return with the intention of making a life together, use the candle return of the loved one, it is a sentimental union candle.

You will have your partner repentant and eager to be both together, the candle for fidelity works a more or less long time or forever but in these cases it is worth using.

We have talked about the candle Dominant Spirit to fix these family problems, but we advise you that if the situation goes to an extreme, due to lack of respect or violence, you should go to the competent authorities for your protection.

To reinforce the ritual you can anoint the candles with the Plant Oil Cod. 6.10.

Domain Candle

Living together can be a very strenuous experience. Having a good and affable character can be positive to go through life. Not everyone is like that and some people always try to impose their will on us. These can leave us exhausted, so we will have no choice but to put a domain candle.

It can also be the opposite case, that someone really interests us and we feel far away.

A attraction candle brings us closer to our goal. Relationships between couples do not escape complexity either. When we see that our partner is very irascible, we can help her calm down with a candle to tame couples.

Things can get more complicated and we can suffer an abandonment leaving us desolate. If we feel true love, we will recover it with the candle return of the loved one.

Regardless of whether a fact is right or wrong (our conscience will decide) we may have the need to have this person constantly by our side. The candle to unite fulfills this task. It may happen that we feel towards someone a much stronger attraction than the physical; being more than feelings. If we want rapport, let’s use the sentimental union candle.

Sex can also be a very decisive element for the emotional well-being of some individuals. This can be enhanced with the sexual union candle.

And if we want to save ourselves the occasional disappointment, the candle for fidelity will definitely remove third parties from our partner. Candle to tame couples.

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