Candle Rituals
Very often in the world we live in today, we are presented with many questions to manage and solve. We cannot always provide solutions from a material point of view. The candle rituals are an alternative to achieve solutions; especially: the love candle ritual. For our own evolution and becoming of our existence, in any aspect and for us as human beings. The material world surrounds us everywhere and our needs go beyond. The candlelight rituals are a suitable way to try to find a solution. However, we always have the spiritual doors open and those who know it well can resort to rituals prepared with candles or also custom rituals.

It is then that we human beings shuffle off into other fields and look to other directions to get out of the dilemma we are in. These guidelines can be called chance, luck, destiny, spirituality or simply ritual. There is no need to worry as we have custom rituals. Rituals with candles and rituals with candles are a set of very well organized and balanced actions whose objective is none other than to provide a solution to a complex situation that we do not know very well how to handle.

On many occasions, the matter is nothing more than a hard and limited block. It is neither ductile nor malleable and does not offer us many possibilities of solution. Because the primordial nature of matter is always imperfection, no matter how you look at it.
Candle Rituals
In the candle rituals, regardless of creeds, religions, philosophies; we are directly demanding from superior entities their divine intercession so that the solution comes to us. This solution will always be the most appropriate for the situation we are going through. According to the magnitude of the problem we have, a simple candle ritual will be enough to solve it. If, for whatever reason, it is a very complicated situation due to its circumstances, we can turn to a higher range: the candle rituals. And if our circumstances are extraordinarily complex we can offer you another type of ritual: the custom rituals. There is always someone who may have an emergency or even an emergency. In this case Candle Art already has a small stock of rituals prepared with candles for any mishap that may arise.

We can proudly say that we have an extensive repertoire for almost anything you may need. From our point of view the rituals prepared with candles are nothing more than a request to high heavenly rooms to grant us graces or favours that in our opinion we deserve. Next we will comment on the rituals that are most in demand: candle rituals for love, work ritual, money ritual, rituals lottery, business ritual and finally love ritual; more specific than the first one.

That is why candle rituals and candlesticks rituals, depending on how small or big our need is; are practices that go back to very ancient times, where our ancestors carried out magical practices that were nothing more than custom rituals. They were very aware that they transcended the beyond.
Rituals prepared with candles
It was very clear to them that each of the elements that made up the candle rituals had a specific weight when it came to achieving objectives. At first, this knowledge evolved, but little by little, as did the human being; through centuries and millennia. They were able to describe all the attributes and properties of those who were used to achieve their goals successfully. Today the rituals of candles are strongly established structures, capable of responding and solving the daily challenges that we often face.

All these elements have a magical component and when synthesized we form much more elaborate rituals prepared with candles. This elaboration is going to culminate in much more effective custom rituals. We also affirm that all these elements are loaded with a strong symbolic component. So Candle Art in its rituals prepared with candles, perfectly synthesizes all this symbolism. Fire, Earth, Air and Water are in the candles, incense and plant extract oil. Depending on the candles we choose and the particular characteristics of the plant extract or the kind of incense we take, these custom rituals will be better adapted to each person.

As an example we can say that a love candle ritual will be more effective, the more things it has in common with the destined person. We are aware that the general public does not always have the necessary knowledge to bring together all the tools that are needed and these are the most accurate. In other words, the tools we use for a money ritual and a rituals lottery will not be able to carry the same tools as a work ritual and a business ritual. Rituals prepared with candles.
Rituals à la carte
This is because those in the first group are related to the work activity and those in the second group are related to the monetary aspect and the same will happen with a love candle ritual or a ritual for love; where even more diametrically opposed tools will be used. The greater the similarity between the rituals, the greater the similarity between the tools we use. However, we will try to make the results as satisfactory as possible.

In Candle Art the theme of love can be treated under two very similar rituals but very different in essence. On the one hand, we can make a love candle ritual; where the candles will be the absolute protagonists. But we can also do a ritual for love: here they will not be the protagonists but there are other elements such as incense sticks or plants, esoteric oils and even photographs that will bring love into our lives.

There are people who will follow their request for love with just a candle ritual; others something much more elaborate, where the force of fire is essential with a love candle ritual. Taking into account the social, cultural and ideological context of our society, we have created a total of 49 rituals to respond to everything that may happen during our existence. We have grouped them according to the themes to be treated by means of an alphabetical code.
Rituals for the economy
So those of group A include rituals that have to do with the economy; here we will find the work ritual: to get it, the business ritual: to see our business sales increase, to collect debts, to obtain good returns in agriculture and cattle raising…
Rituals for Luck
Those of group B are related to luck in general and to chance: the money ritual, that money comes to us immediately; and the rituals lottery: destined for chance and the goddess Fortune to take a walk through our current accounts.
Career Rituals
Those in group C are career-related and more or less indirectly related to a company or on a smaller scale to business. The fact is that there are many people who, after going to university, acquire the knowledge to develop professionally through their own business. Through the business ritual, they will surely succeed. In this section we will also find: how to find a job, pass a competition, get a promotion …
Custom rituals of protection
Those of group D are related to protection: silencing criticism and gossip, protection in a surgical operation, being protected in a traffic accident, etc.
Custom rituals of love
Those of group E with the always eternal and recurring theme of love, with the ritual for love with which to achieve: attract the desired person, unite a marriage, break love spells … We take this opportunity to inform you that a ritual for love can also be performed with the candles figure of Candle Art: They are candles in the form of man and woman for unions, both heterosexual and homosexual. Work can be a big problem because it is scarce and there is a lot of unemployment: in the case of being unemployed for a long time our work ritual or will be incorporated again into the working world.

Or if you are a young person who has just finished your professional or university studies or have finished your academic training; in the face of the difficulty of entering the labour market; the work ritual can become a promising reality. If we were not born into a wealthy family or have a narrow path in life, the ritual para el dinero can make that path wider and more prosperous.
Ritualized Rituals
If, on the other hand, we fall prey to a bad patch where everything goes wrong at the same time and many expenses come at once; a money ritual will help us cope for a heavy outlay. However, it can also happen that unfortunately we have a precarious job and we are from a humble background and do not have even a small inheritance. If we find ourselves suffocating, a rituals lottery will provide us with a good ball of oxygen.

Another very topical headache is often mortgages: bank conditions are complicated, no less complicated than our circumstances to ensure a roof over our heads. A good option for a generous inflow of money can be to make a rituals lottery… And then buy lottery or make bets, the result can really surprise us.

In the 21st century, our business is only good to survive and cover expenses (which is already a lot). However, a business ritual can make it more profitable and save it from bankruptcy. The F Group for the most beloved: our children. In this section we will find rituals for protection, security, good performance in studies, avoiding bad companies…
Health Rituals
Group G Health, the cornerstone of our lives: rites of passage to preserve health, both physical and mental, and to repair it when it is damaged. A very special section is that of Group H under the title “Miscellaneous”, which responds to somewhat specific needs that our customers have sometimes requested: Rituals on dates indicated in the calendar (Christmas, St. John’s, New Year’s Eve, etc…); emblematic dates in almost all cults and creeds. Our clients have also asked us for a ritual when they have needed help to lose weight, to get rid of inappropriate visits in our home, and even in one case, several years ago, a client asked us strongly for a ritual to settle a dispute that had lasted several years.

As you can see, we have tried to cover with our candle rituals practically all the situations of conflict that usually occur in our lives. Candle Art is wonderfully satisfied with the result it has achieved in creating these candle rituals. But more satisfaction is to be able to offer them and to see for yourself the great results you can obtain.