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    CANDLE HONEY beeswax


Honey candles

The honey candles in esotericism, since ancient times, are considered the I – Superior, which helps us to achieve goals in terms of: wealth, health, prosperity, happiness, love, sex and harmonization of spaces where disagreement reigns. We can also use them as a reinforcement of other rituals; honey candle rituals, love candle with honey or attract money with honey since it has a very powerful energy. And this energy can be considered as love honey. And whenever we want an extra push, we will place honey candles, to support and enhance it. In the Middle Ages was widespread the custom of preparing love honey, a potion which consisted of giving the loved one to drink a drink with a significant base of honey and spices such as cinnamon, roses … to yield in our arms to be loved.

Honey candle rituals

Nowadays and for lack of candles we can prepare love honey, diluting some teaspoons of honey in a glass of water, with the essences mentioned we will get a strong and stable love. The 11th day of each month develops a special energy to light candles or honey candles. We will promote very positive aspects: work, money, health, family, happiness and more. It is very interesting in number 3, forming a triangle to do the honey candle rituals. First we magnetize them with our hands and then ask to attract love and sweetness. We can also write on the honey candles the names of the people we want to work with. Place a photograph of the couple in the center and light the honey candles.

By lighting candles for sweetening our home, it will enter into blessing and harmony. They are also very effective for love sweeteners, softening environments and people providing tranquility.

Ritual with honey

In Candle Art you can find them handmade, (their main seal of identity), attending to specific needs and always ritualized. The honey candle rituals with honey are mostly love sweeteners. Carrying out honey candle rituals covers an endless number of situations: spark in a couple, more empathy, sentimental love, love and sex. If we want the return of the loved one, let’s put candles for sweetening. The love honey will achieve a good working environment and other people around us. A honey candles will never fail.

Another facet is to get attract money with honey, doing the ritual on Thursday, 1 or 3 in a row. A ritual with honey is more effective than other types of esoteric candles. On the 11th day of each month it is customary to do a ritual with honey since it is very special. Besides our request we will solve other issues: getting attract money with honey or love candle with honey. To make a couples union with honey we will use a sweetening of Love with two candles for sweetening.

Love honey

We will display our request, remove the wrapping and engrave with a sharp object the full name of the person to be sweetened. Then, on top of this and in larger letters, yours. Then we join the candles with a red ribbon, leaving at the base the photograph of both people, (a personal photograph on each candle). The love sweeteners must always be done on Friday (day of the goddess Venus, regent of Universal Love) a ritual is a generic practice that includes subcategories. If there is a deep estrangement with our partner, a couples union with honey will create an indestructible bond. On the contrary, if we have couple problems, we have used and have not worked; we can treat the subject of love candle with honey. Honey can also help us smooth out the rough edges of rough and rugged terrain.

In conclusion

And if we have suffered a serious economic setback and see recovery as difficult, we can try to get attract money with honey. Getting love candle with honey is one of the most effective ways to make our relationships extraordinarily rich and promising. A honey candles is a wonderful gateway to reconnect with the infinite universal love… And Candle Art has the purest ones in the national market.