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Blog esoteric candles Candle Art you can find related to artisanal candles and candles made by Candle Art articles. The articles are published weekly in relation to topics of special interest in the esoteric world and how to achieve our goals with our candles.

With practical examples and everyday life as well as ward off bad company, ask for protection, get a love that our children are scholars, get a job, a promotion, how to prevent any kind of mishap.
We adapt to topics of special interest for the public to esoteric and therapeutic level.
We work mainly esoteric level but also at the level of healing candles (provided in addition to any medical treatment). The basis of these healing herbal candles is its secret composition inside, along with excellent material such as beeswax, its combustion obtain an energy Vibracon which has an immediate result. Candle Art we rely primarily on the excellent material is beeswax, herbal combination, the magnetic power that carry energy candles, candle wick is cotton and studied so that to be turned on to be able to melt all the candle. In our product, we rely mainly on what nature offers us and discard any material that does not come directly from her, as for example paraffin, generally used to make candles.
For customers who are engaged, we have a number of candles more elaborate with more esoteric potential, given the dedication with which they have been prepared, ornamentations and size; Some examples are: candles of saints, Santeria …
We guide you step passes in the process of interpreting the results of the candle, depending on how burned the candle is telling us future events. This section prefer to do with the person individually, each case is different according the person and the request.
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