Incense, is any mixture of substances on burning off a good smell. Frankincense is from time immemorial a natural air freshener and a delicate perfume to our home. But its effects beyond what we see with the naked eye. The word comes from the Latin “incensum” which means burning or illuminate.
According to modern anthropology it is used in all cultures around the world; and also it has the ability to influence the solar plexus of men and reconnect with nature.
Incense fragrances can clarify and calm the mind. They can help create moods, relax or energize. They are hardwoods that come from the earth.

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And the noble aromas connect us to produce their essence.

A.C. 3500 years ago in the tomb of Queen Hatshepsut are hieroglyphic inscriptions that refer to sacred smoke or sacred essence.
The Egyptian priests burned incense all day. The Greeks also adopted it for parties and celebrations. Also in Rome to recreate environments communion.
Spiritual Purification
The Romans created the word “perfumum” which means scent that diffuses through the smoke. In Europe and in the Christian culture, it lasted the use of frankincense (incense church) to relieve the stench in the multitudinous religious celebrations.
Frankincense traveled to Asia and was introduced in temples and imperial courts and much later in all areas of everyday life; where they jealously kept the secrets involved.

It was not until the late 19th century, when Japan finally opened its doors to the West, incense came into our hands.
In many parts of the world, now incenses are used as medicine. Some ingredients are used for their refreshing, relaxing or revitalizing properties.
Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, suggest anxiolytic and antidepressant to some resins; seeing there the biological basis of the tradition of incense, deeply rooted in culture and religion.
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