Love itself, it is perhaps the oldest sense of the history of man. It can be defined in different ways: sexual, sensual, fraternal, friendship love. The sentimental and sexual love is the ultimate expression that humans can give and express in this world.

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It is the most precious treasure that we have in this earthly life; It is preferable to a year of sublime and unselfish love that remember forever in all our present and future life; not fifty years of heartbreak. Because after all, all that we are able to love in this world will be in this world when we leave.

The only thing we truly take, will the good times we have shared a pure, sublime and unselfish love.

This section not only talk about the classic love between a man and a woman, as the classic stereotypes, lifelong, have become practically obsolete, giving way to other combinations of love, lesbian love, love gay, love between transgender, bisexual and love between love between asexual.

For if love as pure feeling is nothing to say about it.

CANDLE ART has evolved with the feelings and customs of society that is slowly creating new patterns; and we have been able to adapt to new situations that give rise to new demands to cover almost all the needs of the general public.

We have a variety of candles to solve any kind of conflict related to sex and love, with feelings of shame or embarrassment in the first meetings, increased power in sex and physical desire, attract two people to establish a relationship , separating a relationship, away to third parties who harm the relationship and happiness fill a couple.

These rituals can be performed with or without the presence of the beloved.

The intention of who performs the ritual is important. It is advisable to do on a Friday (since that day governs Venus, planet of love) and preferably at sunset, holding lighted candles much of the night. And it is that human beings when asleep is more receptive to the work of magic. The effects are quick and forceful.

We have a variety of packs to freely enjoy love and sex, we also have a sail-shaped figures (phalluses, couples) for these purposes.

All of them are with a combination of plants and a color previously studied and ritualized for the purpose we want to obtain.

It is important to note that the magic practiced our rituals; it is always from the point of view of white magic to help our fellow man. In this case in the field of love and to try to encourage the most people.

We have never practiced or will practice (since it is not our philosophy), black magic or anything that seeks to harm or adversely interfere with the feelings and private affairs of each.

CANDLE ART, well aware that everything can work from light and forgive the redundancy from and purest love.
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