Incense Plants

Incense plants. Burning incense is basic and necessary in magical rituals, attracts good vibes and free of negativity places where it is turned on.
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These incenses come from resins and wood, used since ancient times for various purposes: health, prosperity, fertility, love, remove negativities.
These practices were transmitted from generation to generation up to today. They are also known as fumazos or burn incense.
Throughout the centuries and the years they were evolving. Today we are incense, in many forms and representations: cones and rods figures among the most representative. Although it can be said that less manipulated and perhaps the most effective deal with powdered incenses plant (or ground) and bulk bags.

They are higher quality and more effective. CANDLE ART presents you in individualized 30 gr sachets, since they are highly concentrated, the find in the code are 4.00 and 5 references in total:

– CLEANING: To drag negativities
– PROTECTION AND LUCK: protection in our projects and get what we want.
– BUSINESS AND MONEY: Increasing labor activity and increase wealth.
– HEALTH: To apply optimal and positive health or to order back.
– LOVE: To protect you if you already have or sue in our lives.
They all have to do with the element Air (ether) and are great for a good energy thrashing.
CANDLE ART once again is proud to offer a unique product, highly versatile and optimal results.