Esoteric candles ritualized
Esoteric candles are characterized by the use of beeswax and plants. They turn them into esoteric products with an energy content, so that esoteric candles and their meaning fulfill their mission. These candles for magic work, are prepared candles very complete in terms of variety. Being ritualized candles include the solution to many setbacks of life. They are pure beeswax candles, with a great variety of plants inside, crushed and magnetized for each specific request. If we make use of paraffin-free candles and more specifically ritual candles in religious rites we will be surprised.

They are esoteric candles with plants and subjected to a process that makes them magnetized candles. Their measures are 20 cm. high and 3.6 cm. in diameter for the esoteric candlepillars we have other measures, in this case the esoteric candlepillars measure 20 cm. high with a thickness of 5 cm. in diameter.

Candle Art esoteric candles are rarely seen on the market, but if we look for them we will find them. They give a fantastic result as also give a surprising result esoteric candlepillars. These candles for magic works or what is the same ritual candles, are esoteric products designed to help you in all difficulties of life.
Ritualized candles and their use
We must make sure that they are prepared candles to combat these needs: bad spells, couple’s conflicts, bad energies at home, blocked businesses, help in trials, in bureaucratic procedures, toxic people full of envy and a long etc. . Another issue is that ritualized candles. They are also candles for meditation (spiritual sessions, tarot, reiki). Let’s make sure we buy paraffin-free candles for a much more direct contact and also to develop our mental strength. We will develop it consciously and to the maximum if they are magnetized candles.

And for a spectacular result, pure beeswax candles are the best. We recommend doing the ritual with esoteric candlepillars at the end of the afternoon. To be consumed at night, in night hours the human being is much more receptive to the influence of magic with esoteric candlepillars.

We recommend before lighting the ritualized candles (before starting the religious rituals), to take the prepared candles with both hands and mentally visualize them in a state of meditation, (they are beeswax candles for meditation). The result that we want to obtain with all the protagonists on the stage, the time that is necessary. Thus the beeswax candles will absorb all our energy. The mental strength that we want to achieve, we will get with prepared candles previously. After all, everything that our mind projects reaches reality if they are ritual candles and of course, magnetized candles to strongly attract the desired purpose.
Prepared candles for their purpose
Then we will leave the beeswax candles in metallic or ceramic containers of about 10 cm. in diameter, (scrape the base of the candle so that it is completely flat); the prepared candles or ritualized candles, as they have a very strong flame: Caution. Do not leave the container on a combustible base such as parquet, furniture, highly flammable materials and wooden items. As an esoteric wholesaler, we have a lot of experience in both ritualized and esoteric candles and their meaning.

The duration of the candle ranges from 8 to 20 hours. If the case to be solved is serious the candle will be exhausted before, if we do a ritual of 3 candles for equal magic works in 3 days, we will see that the 1st day will be exhausted very soon and will leave traces of wax; in the 2nd day the candle will last longer and will leave less traces of wax and in the 3rd day the candle will last much longer leaving less wax or nothing. You can even burn the plants inside it, making a small final flame.
Beeswax Candles
Candle Art is a handmade factory of candles and esoteric products, whose raw materials pass an exhaustive quality control so that their esoteric candles, are protagonists in religious rituals. In the market there are candles with plants and coloured candles and we as an esoteric wholesaler have combined the two options, making esoteric candles get their maximum energy. Together with our traditional spiritual method of magnetizing them, turning them into ritual candles, coloured candles with plants are their maximum expression.

In our range of code 1 esoteric candlepillars, you can find a wide range of esoteric candles for every need. Simply look at our website, look at the esoteric products and find the esoteric candlepillars you are interested in, according to the explanation of each one.
Esoteric candlepillars and candles
You can also contact us and we will tell you which esoteric products can be used for your religious rituals. Colored candles represent the vibrational state of esoteric candles. The shape of the flame, its movements and the shape of the wax remains when consumed. As an esoteric wholesaler, we want to warn that before initiating religious rituals, it is important to know about esoteric candles, which should be paraffin-free candles and ritual candles. Esoteric candles have been powerful elements to change situations since ancient times. We have to be aware when we use them, not to let ourselves be attracted by the dark side; that in the long run or in the short run, what we desire, both good and bad, will be returned to us.

Esoteric candles are also meditation candles. Who has not felt comforted or resigned to the light of candles with plants? Lighting meditation candles, which have been previously treated as magnetized candles, is also a way of balancing our home. Esoteric candlepillars transport us to a state of relaxation and bring us closer to the memory of our loved ones who are no longer physically with us. A handmade factory and a wholesaler of candles like Candle Art, is a sign of rigor and seriousness. When manufacturing their esoteric candlepillars, as their raw materials are manipulated by hand. The candles with plants, are also paraffin-free candles, are ritualized with our traditional method, in very concrete dates of the year, where our spiritual guides are closer to us.
Esoteric products
Candle Art, tries that with its esoteric candlepillars, you can cover the maximum number of needs that can be presented to you in your life. And one of these needs that has impacted strongly, are the magnetized candles for meditation (for example the psychic development candle). All this in a specially privileged place for us: our handmade candle factory. Here the esoteric candlepillars are made with care and a lot of love.

We want to emphasize that they are paraffin-free candles, completely pure. esoteric candles and their meaning transcend far beyond what we see on a physical level. They transcend into higher spheres. These are wonderful meditation candles. This is as much in the natural colour of wax candles as in the coloured candles.