Herb candles

The herb candles were started in our esoteric bazaar or esoteric center, with the purpose of being a more complete therapy candles in its result, than the classic beeswax candles without any extra component. Already in the time of the Druids, magic with plants was indispensable in their daily work, in their pantry there was never a lack of magic plants. Today, therapy candles are used for different healing methods, such as reiki, reflexology, chromotherapy, massage candles… Massage candles also have their use, creating an atmosphere of meditation, empathy with the therapist and relaxation. Massage candles are indicated for any physical or mental ailment, with the corresponding colour and herbal composition.

Massage candles cover a wide range of ailments to cope with them. The candles herbs, have more and more adepts, since the extra contribution of the herbs (always the indicated ones for each situation) gives a much more positive result than the one of a normal paraffin candle. You can find them in an esoteric center or by buy candles online.

Candle Art’s herb candles are manufactured with different crushed plants for each specific case, but in the case of single herb (code 3 candles), they are made of beeswax without dyes, like the first herbal candles that were manufactured from a single plant. They can be found in an esoteric bazaar, in an esoteric center or buy candles online.

Nature’s medicinal pantry

Nature has given us the opportunity to do magic with plants, it has provided us with a real pantry of magic plants that cover our planet. Since time immemorial, therapy candles have been used in magic and their function of producing change through natural forces is little understood.

In ancient times plants were gods, spirits and wizards who lived inside the oaks and whispered from the flowers. Our ancestors discovered the forces that were present in magic plants and used them to improve their lives.

Therapy candles and their properties

Although the medicinal properties of therapy candles are well known, many of the prescription drugs are synthetic versions of substances originally derived from them, and their hidden powers are less accessible. Much of the magic with plants still remains hidden by the shadow of secrecy. The basis of magic with plants is strength. This force has had many forms and names over the centuries, sometimes keeping its existence a secret; other times it was in the full grasp of the people.

The force generated the universe and keeps it in constant evolution. Force makes seeds germinate, raises the winds and makes our planet spin. It is the energy responsible for the birth of life and death. Everything in the universe is created by it, contains some of it and has a direct relationship with it.

The power of force

This force has no name. It has been revered and given an anthropomorphic character in thousands of gods, spirits, demons and other non-earthly beings. Partially unexplained science is still discovering some of its aspects. Force has played an important role in the evolution of mankind, for better or for worse. All religions have made use of it. Using different symbols and rites, all the magicians have exercised their powers. Force exists above rites, religion and magic, with no change in its eternal path. Call it what you will, imagine it what you will, force is force.

In the same way that when our physical body has some ailment, we prepare an herbal tea; when on a spiritual level we do not feel good; we can make use of the herb candles, we will help to heal the bad energies of our ethereal body. Using therapy candles, we will notice a full well-being. You can find them in our esoteric bazaar and purchase them when you buy candles online.

Magic plants exist

Candle Art herb candles or candles herbs, always have a more optimal result with magic plants, when using use candles for therapy the environment is more pleasant and being in a state of communication, the healing energies flow more freely. Massage candles illuminate the professional to massage sometimes with full intuition the most affected parts or areas of the body. Therapy candles or herb candles are becoming more and more popular in the daily use of a professional, seeing the extra result that use candles for therapy brings.

Magic with plants does not only move in the esoteric realm, magic plants also have their place in healing, using candles herbs. In our esoteric center or esoteric bazaar, you can buy candles online, we have a wide variety of esoteric herb candles and therapy candles. All our products are made from beeswax and magic plants. The result in our esoteric bazaar is our star product, “the herb candles ” or “the candles herbs “. When use candles for therapy in our esoteric center, we can see that they are handmade since none of them are the same in shape and size. This is due to the fact that the manipulation is not done by any kind of machine.