RITUALS. By definition we can say that there are a number of actions performed mainly for their symbolic value. These actions are based on some belief, either by a religion, a political ideology, for a sporting event, by traditions, by memories or historical memory of a community.

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And of course we also have rituals of esoteric nature. The truth is that an esoteric ritual is able to break with the natural order of things. Linguistic manifestations rituals are equipped with a symbolism that goes beyond the usual meaning of the words. They form a magical set that operates on the subtler planes of reality. And returns more or less interpretable result. Desires, natural forces involved, the applicant’s personality and astrological aspects are the axes on which rotate. Mysteriously, everything fits somewhere that can interpret professional consultant to offer a solution to the problem. Nature awaits its secrets in each of its parts.
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No hidden treasures all in all. The spell is something like, loose words mean the same thing examined as a whole. And every word is the transforming power that gives the deeper meaning of the spell (or ritual) completely.

Luck is subject to subtle threads that can locate and act on them.

So spells or rituals for good luck are useful and interesting.

They are performed for various reasons, such as the worship of one God (which would correspond to a religious ritual), a national celebration (the independence of a country), the death of a community member (a funeral). It is necessary to differentiate between a ritual and daily action that repeats long ago.

They are sets of actions that are related to beliefs, therefore, are special shares, other than ordinary, even when you can practice daily.

Are a necessity, making or reinforce some belief, in the case of religious, for example, to ask God better harvests and abundant game.

Sigmund Freud said that the rituals were activities that allowed individuals who practiced them, release their tensions. In reviewing the religious behavior, Freud noticed that they had a cathartic effect and then came intensity. Can have multiple objectives, for example, the veneration of a deity, the rejection of a force that is considered evil or harmful or simply as a reminder of pleasant moments, as in birthday parties. Rituals are practices that have accompanied humans throughout its existence, and that the current time remain (with modifications or adaptations) as in the political, recreational and sports practices.

However rituals performed in Mesoamerica, where human sacrifices were involved greatly surprised the conquerors of America, who died these rituals evangelization.

Sacrifice now has other connotations such as “sacrificing the present for a better future.”
It has been associated with witchcraft rituals and professions. However rituals are much broader practices. records in Europe rituals performed by the Celts, an ancient culture that is characterized by worship and nature worship have. Most of the rituals that made this group were dedicated to her. This civilization chose as the setting locations of forests and mountains. Celtic priests meanwhile, lived with flora and fauna and knew the secrets of each animal and each plant.

Candles were the fundamental tool for all Celtic rituals. CANDLE ART, is very concerned that all candles are a ritual in themselves, so that when goes to the hands of the officiant is about the ritual that leads to success occur.