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  • Use: produces a special positive effect in different aspects of our life, such as love, work, economy, bad spells (bad luck), prosperity and also as a personal protection against all evil, it is a joker of small miracles, which change our life, to take it in a different way.
  • Day of use: it is preferable to do the ritual on a Thursday, and if possible to do it for three Thursdays in a row.
  • Colour: Blue, natural and red.
  • Size: 3,6 x 20 cm
  • 100% Beeswax
  • Category: Esoteric candles
  • General Catalogue
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Candle Three Power

The candle three power, or three power candle, is a candle good luck, a joker for finding love, health and money in this life. The candle comes to me, it makes it easier for us to meet the desired and convenient person in our life. Also, the candle changes in the economy, offers us a result in money according to our work effort, in many occasions, by many ideas and much effort, it does not correspond to a good end. The candle for economic prosperity, removes the impediments that make us a barrier to not enjoy the result of our sacrifice, the abundance candle is fertility in several ways, where the goodwill to change social position. It is a candle fair judge, thanks to our petition to our superior spirits, who are always ready to help us.

All we have to do is to ask for and put in place the right tools, such as a spiritual support candle.

Luck in love is very important, since our happiness depends on it. The candle health changes, it favors the recovery after a surgical intervention, raising our spirits and desire to live and if it is a chronic disease, it will give us resignation to bear that burden.

You can also enhance the ritual by anointing the candles with the Plant Oil Cod. 6.02.

Spiritual support Candle

The Spanish proverb says that luck is not for those who seek it but for those who find it. Whether this proverb is true or not, what is certain is that depending on what things we will not achieve if it is not based on luck. When we need it, let’s light the candle good luck and everything will be better.

Other times we feel unlucky because we have no love in our lives and we believe that with a person at our side, we will be much better off. The candle come to me will fill us with love as a couple.

Our whole life can suffer ups and downs and more at the level of economic crisis situations and receive a setback that can damage our pocketbook. We can prevent this by making good use of the candle changes in the economy and praying that we don’t run out of money.

Candle good luck

Another aspect that can destabilize our existence is when we enter a stage where without being sick, we have little health. We will face this situation in a positive way by candle health changes and little by little we will feel much better.

On an economic level we can find that no matter how much we try and how many things we do; the dedication and work we do is inversely proportional to the economic benefits obtained. There are two candles that can make this situation much more bearable: one is the candle for economic prosperity and the other is the abundance candle.

All people throughout their lives can find themselves, through their own or others’ causes, in a legal process. It can be a very stressful experience, we advise you to put the spiritual support candle for us. And since judges are also human and not always too fair, let’s put the candle fair judge so that it is as fair as possible and as fair as possible to the whole process.

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