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  • Use: George’s Candle is used as a protection ritual and opens paths, in a ritual for luck in general, it unblocks projects or intentions that we have in mind and that for some reason we cannot carry out. Against envy, evil eye and witchcraft, it is a ritual against spells.
  • Day of use: Do the ritual on Thursday.
  • Colour: Red, natural and green.
  • Size: 3,6 x 20 cm
  • 100% Beeswax
  • Category: Esoteric candles
  • General Catalogue
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Candle Saint George

The candle Saint George or Saint George candle, is used as a ritual with protection candles and path opener, in a ritual with candles for luck in general, unlocks projects or intentions that we have in mind and that for some reason we cannot carry it out. The Saint George preparated candle, as protection, has an endless number of characteristics: the main one is the help of high spirits who are always around us and watch over our safety, advise us in our indecisions and protect us against our enemies. It is a candle against envy, evil eye and witchcraft, it is a candle against spells. The Saint George candle, being a candle against enemies, we ourselves will realize the situations around us that we dislike, we will see them changed in a positive way, no matter how incredible they may be.

The road opener candle removes the barriers that prevent us from developing, (either because of fear or due to energy blockages) the projects that we have in mind on labor, company, family and love or friendship issues. It is also highly recommended as a candle against jealousy, this is a very general custom, rooted in the human being.

You can also enhance the ritual by anointing the candles with Plant Oil Cod. 6.02.

Always do the ritual on Thursday.

Ritual with protection candles

The normal thing in life is that things work well for us, however, on many occasions and without knowing the reason, things get blocked. Neither forward nor backward. There is a candle behind which there is a beautiful legend, the Saint George preparated candle; who killed the dragon and rescued the princess.

It solved a complicated issue and that is why it is considered a road opener candle. It also happens that sometimes we stand out a lot in positive respect to others and they can send us negativity, let’s protect ourselves from all these dragons by performing a ritual with protection candles.

It is easy at the same time to create enmities when we shine much more than others, to excel in good qualities. A candle against enemies will leave them completely pulverized.

Negativity can also come in the form of envy, envious people are most disastrous and detestable; since they are not happy about what we have, the candle against envy will remove these individuals from our lives. But if there is truly despicable it is jealous people, abhorrent, null spiritual level and with a cynicism and a strongly destructive ego.

They can bring us many inconveniences and problems, let’s get away from them all with the candle against jealousy.

The candle Saint George, either by tradition or by historical rigor, is surrounded by great mysticism and a great magical sense. It has two very interesting applications: on the one hand a ritual with candles for luck, on the other a powerful value as a candle against spells.

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