How to purchase?

1 Contact us at (mobile) phone +34.675.384.469 (no additional cost, only those from your existing operator) or by e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
Our website includes descriptions and comments on our products. Do not hesitate to contactus for any clarification, additional information, or to request our wholesale prices.
1 You can choose from two payment options: through a bank transfer or payment by credit card. Official orders not paid within five days will be cancelled.

Deposit or Bank Transfer

“Banc Sabadell”. Banc account:

IBAN/BIC: ES 94 0081 0080 38 0001532655


Payee: Joaquim Pérez Alonso. VAT ID.ES46990318F



Shipping costs are always charged to the client. Please include the complete address and country for the shhipping so we can provide the right shipping cost and delivery terms. Delivery issues: Returns are not accepted without a clear justification; damages or deterioration of the package should be noted on the delivery notice of the delivery person.
Goods may only be exchanged if a claim is set within 12 hours from delivery.If the indicated delivery time is delayed we ask you to notify us to properly solve the issue.


The prices listed on the website are RETAIL prices (for customers). For purchases over 350 euros in products (wholesale price), contact us and we will provide you our wholesale prices.
Include your name, company, address, phone number and or email address. On this website the product prices do not include VAT.

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