Esoteric Salt candles – candles to separate

Among all the products Candle art has produced, the salt candles deserve an important mention. Both the salt candles and the salt candlepillars are great candle for the evil eye and therefore are candle remove magic. They are thick salt embedded in the outside of the candle; hand-nailed grain by grain and with the familiar herbal mixture inside. The salt candles on our website correspond to code 7-A and 7-B for salt candles. These candles are deeply studied so that no other work such as candle for the evil eye coming from outside can affect the proper functioning of the candle grid for the cleansing of energies that we are carrying out.

Because apart from being a noble candle, beeswax with plants, has the important esoteric protection of salt embedded in its exterior. They are candles to break curses; doing mainly of barrier before any malignant energetic intrusion that surrounds our purpose. Candles to separate

Salt candlepillars

The power of salt as an energy neutralizer has been well known since time immemorial. Therefore we have created energy cleaning candles that respond to a typology of candles that includes from cutting candles, through candles to candle remove magic, to even candles to divert energy, all of them with a specific and differentiated function from each other. As the current society is in a bad state, immersed in a total crisis of values, it is essential to have a wide range of possibilities. We consider that it is important to have a range of candles to separate and also cleaning candles but to clean thoroughly when the circumstances become more complicated and more intense than normal. Candles to separate.

The power of salt candlepillars

With these candles to break curses, we can obtain very strong, direct results of a much higher efficiency. Since salt acts as a powerful spiritual protective shield candle for the evil eye and at a generic level are candles for cleaning energies. It is important to follow a criterion and reasonable order of action: first candles for cleaning, second: candles to separate and third: candle for the evil eye, also candles to separate in this final section to ensure that we cut for the good, which is certainly the best.

They are very little known by the general public (so we make this description) but with many possibilities to solve problems that are directly related to the negativity, the obstruction of roads, away and separate things, people and toxic circumstances for our evolution and a long etc …

The esoteric belief in the powers that be and the positive influence of salt in our lives goes back to the first Christians who inherited this belief from the Roman Empire. They had a superstition that has survived to the present day and that was to throw a small handful of salt over the left shoulder to ward off bad luck and find protection. It is a pity that Candle Art and the Roman Empire were not contemporary as they were superstitions and would have made good use of candles. To remove magic, candles to divert energy enemies who had many and ultimately candles to break curses, which could remove them from the conquests and victories they longed for.

Salt in ancient times

We wanted to make this little argument to highlight and manifest that the esoteric knowledge of salt goes back more than 20 centuries. And it is already known that something that lasts so long in space and time is for some important reason, far from being free. There was a belief that evil was on the left side of our body and that goodness resided on the right. By lighting candles to break curses and to cleanse the energies, the evil spirits that were lurking in the right moment to play their part would be immobilized.

Candles to separate

It may also be the case that these lower spirits do not give up at first (which is unusual) but it can happen. So we move on to plan B, plan A is to put salt candles and neutralize them, but if it does not work at all in plan B we will put cutting candles their bad activity and candles to divert energy. So that they go far away and never come back. Currently in contemporary society there is a surprising evil that increasingly affects the physical and emotional balance of people that prevents us from reconnecting with our inner self. All that sound and deafening noise (by visual noise we mean all that chaos of disorderly things, unpleasant scenes of life and countless other things).

Materials that affect our sense of sight and do not allow us to connect on an optical level with something simple and hairy that gratifies our soul. In these situations where we do not feel good at all; salt candles at a general level will be enough to remove discomfort at a general level.

It is important to know that there are two places or at least one of them where we usually spend a lot of time and sometimes not alone but accompanied. These places can be our home and our vehicle; if we find that in our home there is a dense energy we can resort to the Salt candlepillars to clean it. For a greater cleanliness and if we do not feel much; the salt candles will act with greater force. And for us it would be very convenient to put two kinds of candles: the first kind, candles for cleaning energies, so that nothing can affect negatively the happy future of driving and the second kind and perhaps more important, candles to break curses.

Energy cleaning candles

This is any projected attack on our car whether out of envy, jealousy or evil. We would like to emphasize that it would be important to have in our home a small amount of cleaning candles; salt candlepillars for bigger cases and also candle for the evil eye to be able to be prevented before any psychic attack, that can create us problems frankly unpleasant. That is, having a small kit in our home of salt candles, will allow you to always be protected and prevented, in any case we have already spoken of the main uses in which you can benefit from these candles.

But if you have any doubts, there is a very important section where salt candles can be a perfect ally, we refer to the field of health. That which we do not value until it leaves us. The cleaning candles are a deep relief in pains and diseases; it strengthens our own energy by better resisting external influences. And if we have unfortunately been attacked by spiritual channels of dubious origin; we can light candles to separate with what we will notice a remarkable improvement. For the most difficult cases where more negative factors intervene, the cutting candles, of superior dimensions and with more salt and plants will end up solving the problem completely; we will notice it at once. Another place where salt candles can be perfect companions of destiny is in our workplace.

Cleaning candles

Where many people tend to converge, so do many virtues and many defects. The defects are the problematic ones, and enduring both superiors, equals or subordinates can be a real obstacle course. If we find people who make our lives bitter, do not hesitate to put candles to separate and cutting candles, whatever we like. What will be completely cut off will be the unfair situation that is holding us back. But in some extremely toxic environments it may not be enough. So the first thing we will do is light cleaning candles, try to eliminate the root of negativity and to ensure that certain individuals are detached from you light candles to divert energy and to finish the subject candle remove magic.

On the latter may depend and much your stay in your post and workplace, since there is currently a very unhuman and fierce competition. When we suspect that someone may be conspiring to make us lose our place of work unjustly; let us not hesitate to use candles to separate, we will surely be able to maintain it indefinitely. There are times in our lives when bad patches settle into our daily lives and absolutely everything goes wrong. It’s time to face the situation and light the candle remove magic.

The result of the Salt

Just because when it is all that goes wrong, it is most likely that they have made us a ritual to make our lives bitter. And as a prevention for those unpleasant chapters the candles to divert energy will take care of our environment. And if we are of a superstitious nature or are already chastened by other times; the salt candle for the evil eye will give us protection, security and stability. As a final conclusion we can say that with the salt candles we will sweep away all evil. Envy, jealousy, negativity, instability. We will sweep away unhappiness.