Incense, myrrh & benzoin granules

CANDLE ART besides those already described incense sticks, sachets has approx. 100 grams, incense, myrrh and benzoin beans.
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And in the West due to ties with Judaism, it is usually burned incense in powder form or in complete pieces or in granulated form. because we start with a granular form, simpler version.
Incense Liturgical (whose main base is frankincense) which is the most used in churches, temples, in the Eucharist and in religious processions. It is an incense with strong powers, yet soft with our sense of smell. Clean negativities and relaxes us mentally.
Myrrh instead has strong properties for esotericism. It is a resin used for environmental sahumerios. It is able to purify the place and create vibrations of peace. Myrrh can increase the power of any incense to which it is added.

It may also include the in healing tea bags and smoke is used to consecrate, purify and bless objects such as amulets, talismans, charms and magical utensils.
Also it promotes meditation and contemplation.
Benzoin beans, so we dispense in bags of approx. 100 grams is one of the resins most widely used in the esoteric sector. It comes in granules yellowish-brown color and nice color. It is effective for health, as it has balsamic, expectorant in catarrh of the airways. It is also a fantastic resin to purify and clear environments, as well as meditation and mental channels open.
Within our on-line store, you will find these natural and handmade incense. They are very interesting and products used by our ancestors. For they knew very well of their properties and benefits.