Esoteric oils
CANDLE ART have also developed a range of esoteric oils to anoint or dress candles or oil lamps in general.
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With oils will always give you an extra energy boost. This is a complementary reinforcement to help materialize the request in the best way possible. The manner of use is very simple and straightforward. It is to take the small boat and a few drops of this embadurnarnos good hands. And then we take the candle, we cover thoroughly with the oil. While we’re doing this, it is important that parallel mentally visualize those who want to get from it.

Say it’s a way of shifting consciousness and energy of our mind to the long-awaited request.
To annoint candles
The base oil we use is extra virgin olive oil and is also macerated with an extensive combination of plants (all native to the Mediterranean basin).

On our website you can see that we have 18 listed references. And each has a specific combination of plants for the purpose for which it is intended, also you can say that each reference has a unique combination that is not repeated in any of the other references.

Oil maceration with plants process has a rest outdoors. Has a minimum of 1 year Sun and Moon so you can soak up all the energies of the universe. It is a very special oil through the long process of rest. For its quality, its texture is not altered (it does not become rancid) for a long period of time.

This is very common to occur with conventional oils sold in the market. They are sunflower oil and is much more perishable when it is bottled.

The contents of the pack goes a lot. This is partly due to the high density of olive oil. A few drops are enough to anoint the entire surface of the candle to get very good results.

With only 18 references serve to anoint all the candles have us referenced. And it often happens that on many occasions a reference in particular, can serve several candles at a time. Whereupon all the candles have an oil to be anointed.

Another use of these oils is that we can put them in a burner with typical tea candle inside container and put a few drops. We will benefit from its essence and its properties.

CANDLE ART will surprise you once again with their oils. A vital and “oily” push to materialize your requests optimally and quickly.