Healing Candles Therapies
HEALING CANDLES. We are in one of the most delicate points and at the same time sensitive, Who has not ever wished good health or rapid restoration of loved ones?
It is said that health rituals are often the most effective are, because in them starts much love, much faith and much conviction, given the great importance of this issue.

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But we must also be cautious. In health rituals we put all our strength, all the magic in our prayers and hope, but fate sometimes disagree with our purposes.
Healing candles are perhaps the least known and the more we can contribute to energy level in the field of health and always in addition to any medical treatment.
In the same way that all of our products, we use natural beeswax, with a mixture of about 30-40 herbórea different plants, crushed to favor the request itself.
Help in the healing
The nature and plants play a crucial role in the field of healing.
Let us not forget that the basis of drugs today is extracted from natural medicine.
This coupled with the fire element, we achieve vibrations on the request at a maximum level where we get an incredibly positive.
CANDLE ART offers you these candles so special, we have 25 references studied and developed to combat major diseases of the human body.
The power of candles healing is perhaps the most fascinating in the energy field. In dealing with the power of health working with the life force, help to heal the wounds and scars of body and soul in less time.
Let us not forget that the welfare and health is the cornerstone on which life is based. Hence the importance of finding optimistic and above all healthy.

Candles healing:
Vela rheumatism-arthritis pain, asthma bronchi, nerves, sores-sores, tonic, abscesses tumors, vertigo, heart, hypertension, insomnia, neuralgia, vitality, diabetes, eyes, liver, hemorrhoids, prostate, bad stone, menopause, menstruation, circulation, virus bacteria, allergies, depression, health, and weight control diet, recovery states