Saints rituals

Ask a saint for protection is perhaps the best way to entrust our problems to someone who will not betray us. For to petition to a saint is to appeal to the highest heavenly authority. One could say that they are the ones who will best understand us. Candle Art knows perfectly how this world moves (that of the high spheres) and we have wanted candles in the form of saints to have a place and a prominent role, given the importance and prestige they have. There is a specific section in our website that is the saints rituals. They are figures of beeswax saints, but to clarify more what this product is, we will tell you that they are saints shaped like candle (by the way, very beautiful and elaborate).

Invoking a saint is an act of religion and faith that reached its peak in the High Middle Ages.

In a fully theocentric age, where God and everything related to him was the main reason for people to live. In that historical period; ask a saint for help was an everyday act and candles and miracles were constituted in themselves as a true ritual to a saint. It is interesting to note that in this period, everything related to esotericism was very badly regarded and poorly understood by some sectors. For example, the Catholic Church. In any case, the esoteric phenomenon as such is already fully manifested in the most ancient civilizations.

Ask a saint for protection

It is born from the needs of the human being to contact something that transcends the physical. That is the antecedent of a very primitive activity that will give rise to ritualistic activity. Then with the evolution of the human being and the more and more elaborated techniques; they will give way to the rites and rituals as we know them today. The saints also in their daily work dedicated themselves to some very different tasks from each other. They all stood out successfully in a field or sector or even died for defending very honorable virtues.

That is why the saints rituals are a magnificent opportunity for us to be granted important needs for the correct development of our lives. Candle Art has seen fit to create candles in the form of saints, either to invoke a saint or to petition to a saint. We have been able to create a range of accessories so that a ritual to a saint is a very complete practice, where nothing escapes at random.

We would also like to point out, that in Candle Art we were pioneers in making beeswax saints, before we existed. We have designed very complete saints rituals with all their elements included in a small wooden box with all their instructions inside. It is a ritual to a saint, in which all the elements of which it is composed, we can find them broken down in our range of products. Here we have gathered them all together so that it is easier and more comfortable for the client to carry out a ritual to a saint; without having to worry about finding and gathering all the products found on our website, saving time.

Candles and miracles

The presentation as always, is great and is another ideal idea (worth the redundancy) of a very original and rarely seen gift. If already with the individual saint we can obtain very good results, to ask a saint for protection; with the pack of saints to ask a saint for help, we will see these results enhanced with care.

There are many complements that we have added and each one of them individually will reinforce an aspect or a side that surrounds the set of circumstances of the situation in which these saints’ rituals take place and are going to be developed: They are definitely complete saints rituals to invoke a saint. These saints rituals become impossible rituals, which when granted deserve their reward. And a good reward can be offering a ritual to a saint properly preparared.

Candles in the shape of a saint

It is very original because it carries the candle, they are candles in the form of saints in most cases, the same name as the saints. That is, the saint carries his own candle. So we can say that these candles in the form of saints carry their own characteristic and main working tool, which is the candle to make the petition to a saint.

He also carries a small bottle of plant oil to anoint or dress the candles in the form of saints and the specific candle that accompanies him to make a petition to a saint. That in this case will be the one that gives name to the figure. In this way we will be able to strengthen and print even more positive energy so that ask a saint for protection is something easy and fully satisfactory. These saints shaped like candle are a unique, exclusive and genuine creation of Candle art and also fulfil a double function: on the one hand we can light it to make a petition to a saint, on the other hand we can leave it as a figure of decoration, to pray to these saints shaped like candle whenever we want.

Impossible petitions that deserve their reward

We are not aware that anyone in Spain has ever produced beeswax saints, no company or person or professional in the esoteric sector. We want to make it very clear that we are referring to saints of the Christian cult. There are other religions that also have their saints, as is the case of Afro-Cuban Santeria with its saints and its rites to ask a saint for help. But this is another matter and has nothing to do with what we are saying here. And as we can see, there are many cultures where ask a saint for protection, whether it be from beeswax saints or saints shaped like candle, is something that comes from very ancient times.

Another important complement is a small elongated box of incense, a sacred resin that comes from the East and is related to the element air, will be a very important element of communication to invoke a saint and this invocation is indicated to ask a saint for protection.

Let us remember that the wise men gave the baby Jesus two incenses (frankincense and myrrh). The real power of incense may not have been fully investigated and found out. So whenever we want to make requests to beeswax saints or simply ask a saint for help, incense must be very much present as the guiding thread of our request. Incense as a complement to invoke a saint, through its essence will be in full harmony with the elements already specified above.

Beeswax saints

And of course, with the instructions for use to follow so that the officiant is fully guided in this section of candles and miracles; so that the beeswax saints find a great channel of communication and the final result is most satisfactory. Candle Art knows very well the significant role that saints play in the Christian religion and we wanted to make a reproduction of them by making saints shaped like candle, because they are a real icon and an important bastion of faith. They are a very defined and outstanding part of our religion.

And taking into account their effectiveness, they have a strong and deep-rooted sign of identity in themselves. They have earned the reputation that precedes them, which is long and successful. That is why when we talk about it we can also talk about candles and miracles. They have earned the reputation that precedes them, since ask a saint for help is a guarantee of a successful process.

Lighting candles and asking for miracles, candles and miracles is what best defines saints rituals. Religious sentiment and the power of esotericism, the best way to evolve beyond the stars.