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Archangel candles for protection
Archangel candles. Angelic beings correspond to a well-structured hierarchy according to the functions to be performed. They can be classified into three different triads: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones (1st rank), Dominations, Virtues, Powers (2nd rank), Principalities, Archangels and Angels (3rd rank). Angels candles, archangel candles, ritual with angels, magic with angels, Guardian Angel.

The first ones surround the throne of God and receive his orders directly. Regulating the correct functioning of the heavens. They are considered divine advisors. The second triad is considered as “governors of heaven”. And the third where the Archangels are found; they work as divine messengers, intercessors between divinity and man. They help us to advance spiritually, they sustain us in the trials of life and at times of extreme danger they can help us directly.
Communicate with the Light
Its manifestations are through intuition; revealing dreams about things that have happened, things that are happening and events that are about to happen. Sometimes, we don’t realize it but we are thinking about how to solve a problem, and by chance we hear a parallel conversation of a group of people that corresponds to a good solution about our problem; or an unexplainable state of inspiration where we find ourselves with a developed intelligence and are able to do things that we couldn’t do before; or a warm feeling of well-being and tranquility. These are some examples of a manifestation of a friendly spirit, Guardian Angel or Archangel who loves you well. One recommendation is to always be attentive to their “clues”, listen to them and follow them.

A direct manifestation of a being of Light is difficult to have, firstly because it would put into play our “free will. We would act differently for life and they want us to believe in them even when we cannot see them. Second because it would not have much merit for them to manifest heaven to us in a direct way here on Earth, third because our internal debate between good and evil must remain alive, seeing heaven directly is a gift that we are not yet prepared to see.
Impure spirits and how to avoid them
We emphasize that impure and negative spirits will always lend themselves to direct manifestations, noises, wood creaking and temperature changes. For them it is pleasant that we humans believe in them, are curious and want to be like them. For they do not enjoy being in God’s presence and they want us to be like them.

The good spirits serve God and use the bad spirits so that we learn things that the good ones cannot teach us; once we know what is bad and live with it for too long, we will desire the good with all our strength and an instinctive detachment from the spirits of evil. This can be applied to daily life; we can come to distinguish people by simple observation, by a glance, by the tone of voice, by gestures, and in how they act in a given situation. Candle Art proposes the CANDLE OF ARCHANGELS to make all these requests possible.
Magic with angels
Angels candles are candles specially designed to invoke the highest beings of Light. Candle Art is pleased to present this range of candles, we have studied the main Guardian Angel that rules for each day of the week.

In total we have 7 archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Samael, Raphael, Cassiel, Sachiel and Anael. Archangel candles are made of pure beeswax without additives, an herbal mixture of between 30-40 types of plants inside to ensure that the request at the time of burning the candle is channeled directly to the Angel; the purer the material the “thread” is better. We also add that the angels candles are magnetized and ritualized for each specific request.

The missions of the Angels are diverse, each one of the 7 archangels is specialized in a task; it can be protection, love, comfort, concentration, recovering the loved one … These beings accompany us and are there present in our day to day, we only need to pay our attention and invoke them. Candle Art puts at your disposal the Archangel candles to ask for any request.

Besides giving us love, support and company, they can guide us so that we can achieve our most beautiful purposes. They also give us signals, clues and even direct advice (through channelling or telepathy) to protect us at vital crossroads, paving our way. Making contact with them is a powerful catalyst in our evolutionary process.
Guardian Angel
A ritual with Angels, is a way to be in contact with them, simply is to choose, according to the type of request we have to do to our Guardian Angel, within the group of the 7 archangels of the week. Take your corresponding candle and in our place of meditation, hold it between our two hands visualizing the petition that we want to obtain. It is to do magic with angels or an ANGELIC RITUAL. Remember that the element fire is purifying and also strength. Throughout thousands of years we have used ANGEL CANDLES, we have done MAGIC WITH ANGELS to move energies in different aspects of life.

Therefore, to do a RITUAL WITH ANGELS with angelic candles, we have to take into account the corresponding day and the request (the lunar phase is not necessary). And offer all our FAITH. We can do magic with angels every day of the week, to these beings of light. They will always be willing to help us for our intellectual and moral advancement.

The CANDLES OF ARCHANGELS, symbolize the eternal communication of GOD with men. Our Guardian Angel is always by our side whispering in the form of thoughts, dreams and even face-to-face communications messages and advice to console us in moments of sadness; to guide us when we make a decision and to guide us in our spiritual teaching, a ritual with angels is the maximum expression of man’s connection with the 7 archangels. An ANGELIC RITUAL with ANGELIC SAILS, it is important to do it because your Guardian Angel is a mediator between you and GOD, whether you are a believer or not, the handling of energies is called magic with angels, magic is created in a RITUAL WITH ANGELS.
Ritual with Angels
The angels candles, used in a RITUAL WITH ANGELS, are the most powerful of all.

Magic with angels only considers good angels created by God. They are at the service of man to act as messengers with him. When doing magic with angels candles, we have to take into account a phase to make a perfect angelic ritual: The place where we will do the ritual with archangel candles; the invocation or petition that we want; the spell to the Archangel indicated for our petition; once the spell is done, we make the petition to the Archangel and as a final thank you that our petition will be heard and carried out, all this with FAITH.

The magic with angels or ARCHANGEL CANDLES in an ANGELIC RITUAL, can only be done on one day a week on its corresponding day. In very exceptional cases an angelic ritual can be performed called the 7 archangels ritual, composed with angelic candles of Candle Art. This ritual with ARCHANGEL CANDLES consists of the 7 different ANGEL CANDLES and a pentagram with seven boxes where the name of the Archangel, his seal, day, planet and other symbols are placed. Each box will be occupied by the corresponding ARCHANGEL CANDLE, of the angelic candles, the first one you have to light is the Archangel’s that you have to make the most important request to him.
How to use it
Then, the one next to you take it in your hand and light it from the first candle, the third one take it in your hand and light it from the second one and so on with all the angels candles until the circle is closed. You will ask yourselves, how do we light the angels candles, starting from the right or from the left? If when making a request with angelic candles it is to unite, love, money, solution to a problem etc., we will make the ritual turning towards the right. If, on the contrary, we have to separate; do an energetic cleaning, take away a person who is harming us etc… We have to start the ritual with angels candles towards the left, closing the circle. Find all our information about Archangels at