Incense candles

Incense candles, are very different within our general range, they are the Code 14 candles. Benzoin candles or esoteric benzoin candle, code 12; myrrh candles, code 13 and incense candles and myrrh candles, code 15. These resin candles, aesthetically and functionally are very different from the ones we normally see, since they are made of beeswax with an herbal combination for each specific case. We present the gift candles, which are of different colors for each specific request. They have the special attraction of carrying the resin grains embedded in the exterior, therefore, apart from being a conventional candle, when burning also burns the resin outside, offering a pleasant and intense aroma for our smell and request.

On the other hand the incense candles are very well presented, in a cellophane bag and closed with a rustic pita bow. It is indicated to give solution to a problem that we have and also as an original gift to ” give away candles “.

Benzoin candles

Benzoin candles or benzoin candles. They are characterized by attracting good luck and keeping away all the bad energy that harms us in our lives, whether in our professional, personal or business life. Also used benzoin candles or benzoin candles as a complement to alternative therapies for its great healing power. Esoteric benzoin candle harmonize the environment, whether at home or at work, giving a balance of friendship, understanding, tranquility and good understanding to the people who live there.

In business, benzoin candles are a good ally since they attract good fortune, especially in seasons of bad luck, those that no matter how much we try and provide good ideas do not have the result we want, esoteric benzoin candle will change the situation, giving continuity in our sales. The benzoin candles attracts customers to our business for our peace of mind, giving us a balance in turnover throughout the year.

Perhaps benzoin esoteric candles, for its variety of attributes, is the best considered within the range of resin candles. A good idea is to give away candles, what better gift to our loved ones than to offer them gift candles, it is a good way to show our good feelings towards them, wanting to give solutions to their problems.

The esoteric benzoin candle or benzoin candles, offer a sober and rustic look, totally handmade, ideal for gift candles. Through our website you can buy our esoteric benzoin candle or benzoin candles, as well as our full range of beeswax candles with plants, for every type of situation we want to change.

Incense candles

Incense candles or incense candle. They are mainly indicated in spiritual communication with our ancestors and disincarnated masters, to ask for help and advice in our moments of meditation. The incense candles or incense candle are also used for spiritualistic sessions, in groups of people of faith, for communication with spirits of certain moral advancement. Within the range of resin candles, the incense candle is the most suitable for these spiritual communications.

The incense candle also favors the luck to have good opportunities in our trip that is the life, like requests in legal and bureaucratic matters (requests in concrete). A good gift that we can do, are incense gift candles so that in our moments of meditation, we can fill our soul fully satisfied. To give away candles as a gift is to demonstrate our unconditional affection for people who enjoy our full trust.

Giving gift candles is a very original and unusual way of showing our affection. A Candle Art incense candle is a guarantee of satisfaction and originality.

Myrrh candles

Myrrh candles or myrrh candle. Myrrh resin candles are perfect for cleaning everything negative that others send us, voluntarily or involuntarily, whether out of envy, jealousy, evil eye or some malicious work that has been sent to us. These myrrh candles or the myrrh candle, are indicated in the esoteric cleanings of private homes, businesses of all kinds and in all places and rooms.

We can know if a place is affected by negativity or spirits of the lower astral by the following symptoms: a cold place more than normal not in accordance with the ambient temperature, negative thoughts of beings that are no longer with us, noises and cracks in the walls or furniture at night, in short, abnormal phenomena. The myrrh candles or myrrh candle, will move away these unpleasant situations, turning the space into a haven of peace and tranquility.

These disembodied beings of the lower astral, usually come and go, an advice is to make an esoteric cleaning with a myrrh candle once a month and always on Tuesday. And of course, at the slightest sign, use a myrrh candle, the good result is assured. Give away candles as a gift from Candle Art is synonymous with seriousness and quality. Is it worth buying and give away candles as a myrrh candle, perhaps it is one of the best investments you can make in your life, give away candles.

Benzoin candles

12.01 (code): Green. Increase in business clients, fertility and abundance in general.

12.02 (code): Yellow color. Arrival of money and attraction of positive energy.

12.03 (code): Natural color. Protection, purification, luck, opens roads and prosperity.

Incense Candles

14.01 (code): Violet colour Facilitates meditation, vision and spiritual communication.

14.02 (code): Natural color Luck, opens paths, legal issues and specific requests.

14.03 (code): Blue Color Anti-stress, balance, students and spiritual relaxation.

Myrrh Candles

13.01 (code): Colour black Exorcisms, spiritual cleansing and protection.

13.02 (code): Purple. Helps in illnesses, increases spirituality and assimilates difficult life situations.

13.02 (code): Orange. Helps against depressions and anxieties. Increases mood.

Incense candles and Myrrh Candles

15.01 (code): Red colour Increased sexual desire and strength.

15.02 (code): Color black. Against jealousy and keeps enemies away.

15.03 (code): Pink color. Sentimental union, peace, rapport and balance.