Saints candles

The saints candles or candle for the saints created by Candle Art, are candles on figures of saints but with all the characteristics of the other candles. With a wick to light them as a conventional candle, with the aim of pray to a saint, to give a solution to solution to desperate causes or we can use them as images to pray to a saint in the same way. Above all, we want to make it clear that a saint is all those people who, driven by the desire to do the supreme good, have completely forgotten about themselves and have given themselves body and soul to humanity out of love. All of them have been strongly influenced by philanthropy. That is why if they are able to give everything in exchange for nothing, we are able to reciprocate through offerings to the saints.

That is why Candle Art wants to pay them a fair homage and that is why we have created the candle for the saints and the candles of the saints. There are people who in their passage through this planet have done wonderful things and have benefited humanity enormously, but unfortunately, the Catholic Church has not recognized them as such. Others, having done much less, have gone up to the altars.

Pray to a saint saint with faith

Anyway, no one or anything is perfect in this world. One way to get in touch with them, is through prayers to the saints or asking a saint directly: to give solution to desperate causes the candle that is most associated with these entities is the healing candle. It is when we get an answer to our prayers after having lit saints candles that we can consider these candles as miraculous. We also want to emphasize, that our candles are of excellent quality, they are ecological candles.

The purer the raw material used for saints candles, the better the result. These prayers to the saints will be much more elevated in terms of dimension and energy. Candles are candles, but they are of a higher dimension; these candles are also ecological candles in the same way that they are ecological candles in terms of efficiency and strength.

The saints candles available to Candle Art are as follows: Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Lazarus, St. Rita, Virgin The Miraculous, Virgin Mary with Child Jesus, St. Jude Thaddeus, St. Cyprian, St. Benedict, St. Martin de Porres and St. Martha. They could easily be treated as candles of saints, because of their shape and dimensions. Candle Art has resorted to this curious strategy, that of making saints’ candles with the intention of offering a material image. For anyone who has difficulty in visualising an image of a saint. We provide you with the candles on figures of saints and the person in question will only have to light the wick and say his or her prayers to the saints or pray to a saint. It is important to express our gratitude for what has been granted and to say prayers to the saints.

Offerings to the saints

Prayers for health, for work, for business, for love… Today’s daily life is complicated and with many demands and the material aspect of life cannot always respond to all the needs of humanity. This is why Candle Art has wanted to commit itself and much to offer a candle, which for what it brings us, could be considered a miracle candles. We are also especially concerned about the wellbeing and health of people because a person with health is closer to happiness. So we recommend a healing candle or a candle for the saints whose explicit mission is the field of health as an example. The Catholic Santoral has a very important variety of saints.  Depending on their activity throughout their lives or the miracles they performed, they are attributed with very different patronages.

There are also prayers to the saints, in particular, for each of them. Each and every one of them (it is worth the redundancy), has its own specialty/ies, so that to pray to a saint is not complicated. Because pray to a saint is something very intimate that comes from our heart and goes directly to the question. In any church it is easy to enter and find an endless number of candles on figures of saints, whose carvings represent him, these precious candles on figures of saints are nothing but saints’ figures. Sometimes, if we look at the ground just below them, we find offerings to the saints: flowers, writings of thanksgiving, plants, a candle for the saints that we ourselves offer…

Candles on figures of saints

Also, instead of a candle, we can put candles of saints, very popular nowadays. These candles are quickly recognized because they are usually printed with images of saints, their names and a prayer. Nowadays, in any shop, we can find an infinite number of candles with innumerable characteristics. If you have a health problem, we recommend you to enter the alternative sector, acquire ecological candles, specifically a healing candle and if we put them with all our faith we will see that they are miracle candles.

We warn you, that there are many candles for sale of very poor quality, as they have a high content of paraffin (synthetic petroleum derivatives) and are not healing candles or ecological candles. They are simply cylinders of dubious materials. In a word, they are not miracle candles. Miracle candles are those capable of abstracting from our environment, entering another dimension and providing us with a solution. That is why Candle Art candles are in themselves, besides being a powerful instrument for healing candles, they are in themselves offerings to the saints. The fact of lighting a candle for the saints, is a prayer that we raise to heaven; through the wick and the flame represented by the element fire as a channel of communication.

The spiritual nature of the saints

And given the fully spiritual nature of Candle Art we are very concerned about the actual purity of our candles. That’s why we make only ecological candles. Once we have obtained all those favours we have requested from the saints, our candles can also be used as offerings to the saints. An offering is an act of joyful gratitude; which we manifest from the depths of our hearts. And with it we feel the saints, much closer to us. If we so desire, they will be wonderful traveling companions as we wander through this world.