Children – Ritual in pack

Having children has to do with the innate instinct that human beings possess reproduction of the species and the perpetuity of mankind.
Surely, this is what we affirm the social and cultural anthropology, as most successful scientific explanation. However, since CANDLE ART, we want to give or offer a much more familiar or spiritual approach.

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The children generally tend to be the maximum reaffirmation of love that can materialize on this planet. From the moment we know that we will be parents, we are filled with a sublime instinct of love and protection, because somehow we suspect that little person soon will be an active member of our family fills us with joy, projects and enthusiasm.
We must be aware, that once acquired our parents condition is permanent and lifelong.
The long we will love unconditionally, until the law of life, we parents, by natural law, disappear.
However and on many occasions, although we have bent over backwards for them, we have given the best we had, not always this behavior for us (parents), it is reciprocal. The lack of affection for parents is very palpable and widespread in the society in which we live.
And often this happens by bad influences and bad companies society in general. This exerts a frightening pressure on young and vulnerable individuals: our children. And so although they have received training and education exquisite, these are diluted as snow in the sun.
Bad company and bad habits are two factors that can destroy the lives of people we love most: our children. Sometimes they do not have enough personality to handle these situations successfully. So in CANDLE ART, very sensitive to this issue, we offer a series of rituals in pack, especially designed to help your children. The first F-1 is to help expand the capabilities intellectually; and distractions pass you by while studying.
Unfortunately today our children and young people do not like too much study.
Bad company is also a real problem and a source of multiple conflicts: this can fight with the pack F-2; We notice a remarkable change of attitude.
We as parents, CANDLE ART, we think that good training and a good education is the best legacy we can leave them in inheritance.
These tools do not expire over time and are a real possession in the changing prosperities of time.
Good values and good knowledge are immutable over time and space. We have also detected by our experience that the greatest insecurities, the greatest fears, occur in early childhood, when the personality of our young children is not fully formed and defined.
They may have sleep problems, nightmares, fears … And even in complex situations are unable to control urine in bed. Well, CANDLE ART designed the F-4 pack, for stability and security and be controlling these minor mishaps.
Sometimes also as individuals who belong to this world, they may experience lack of courage and fear, especially because the maturity and safety of a child is difficult to correspond to that of an adult. It is then vital, give them a good energy boost so they can face successfully the material evidence of this life.
The F-5 pack will help you cope with this difficult and delicate circumstances in a very positive way.
So protect and love our children and young people the most, after all they are the future, the tangible hope that they can contribute to a more rewarding world, more developed and ultimately happier and more evolved and fair to all US.
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