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Return Policy

In case of loss or misplacement of the goods, we will reimburse you the total amount of the order (material plus shipping) or we can deliver the goods again.

If you are not satisfied with the product, sealed and in perfect condition, within 24 hours of receiving our shipment, you can return it to us in its original packaging, and we will reimburse you the price of the products, but not the shipping or return costs.

Also, if the package arrives in bad conditions (broken products) due to transport manipulation, please state this on the delivery note of the carrier. Also if the product is not as requested by the customer, Candle Art will bear the cost of return and reshipment, please note this on the delivery note of the carrier and once signed by him, return it to Candle Art.

Privacy Policy – Data protection update (RGPD)

In accordance with the provision of the European regulation of (EU) 2016/679, for the General Regulation of Data Protection (RGPD), Candle Art informs that the personal data provided, voluntarily, by filling in one of our forms (contact, request bulletin, recommendation, ad insertion, or others) will be automatically incorporated into the candleart.es database, confidentially.

This file will have the purpose of collecting the basic data, in case a service is contracted, or to keep the user informed about training, professionals, products and services of interest. Therefore, the user or client, when filling out our forms, gives their consent to receive our information.

The user may exercise, if he wishes, the right that assists him of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition of personal data that are part of our file. To do so, contact the email address comunicacion@candleart.es.

Unless expressly and expressly authorized in writing, any transmission, assignment, sale or rental and / or partial or total public exposure of the website is prohibited. It also allows visitors to make use of the data and content offered, exclusively for personal, private and non-profit use. It is totally forbidden its use, modification, reproduction, communication or distribution for profit in any medium.

Candle Art is not responsible for the content, accuracy and updating of information that comes from other individuals or legal entities and that is recorded on the website or to which it is sent from links or other systems. People who send any kind of information to Candle Art commit themselves to it being truthful and not violating any right to third parties or the current legislation.

Candle Art reserves the right to change, modify, expand content, information, etc., of this web site at any time and without prior notice. It is the will of Candle Art that this website works with maximum efficiency, putting all reasonable means to achieve it.

Candle Art declines any responsibility for any damages that may arise from the lack of availability and / or continuity of this website and all the services that are advertised in it.

Candle Art is not responsible for the interference and services that may be provided on the website by third parties or companies and declines any responsibility for damages that may be caused to third parties, through unauthorized interference, beyond the control of Candle Art.
All content displayed on the web and especially, designs, texts, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, software, trade names, domain name, trademarks, industrial drawings or any other signs susceptible to industrial and commercial use are subject to intellectual and industrial property rights in the name of Candle Art.

The use of this web site implies the acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in this page. The possible conflicts related to this web site will be governed exclusively by the law that affects the Spanish State, all the users accept the compliance and respect of this clause.

May 26, 2018


In order to comply with Spanish Law No. 34/2002, dated 11th July 2002, concerning Computerized Information Services and Electronic Trade, JOAQUÍN PÉREZ ALONSO informs you that it is the owner of the website WWW.CANDLEART.ES. In accordance with the requirements of article 10 of the Law referred to, JOAQUÍN PÉREZ ALONSO notifies you of the Following details: the owner of this website is JOAQUÍN PÉREZ ALONSO, with Spanish Fiscal Identification Code 46990318F and registered office at C/ RIUS Y CARRIÓ 14, HOSPITALET DE LLOBREGAT (08904) BARCELONA-SPAIN

The user and the rules governing his responsibilities

A person surfing on, having access to, and making use of the website acquires the status of User, in terms of which he accepts, when surfing through the pages, all the conditions of use established below without prejudice to the application of the corresponding obligatory legal requirements, if appropriate.

The web provide a wide variety of information, services and details. The User accepts the responsibilities involved by the correct use of the website. These responsibilities shall include the following obligations:

– To ensure the truthfulness and legality of the information provided by the User in the forms inserted as a condition of access to certain material or services offered on the website.

– Misuse of the information, services, data, or against the law, morals, good customs or public order, or otherwise may pose injury to the rights of third parties or the operation of the website may be shown by those responsible for the website in the form of punishment or expulsion.

Policy concerning links and exemption from liability

Candle Art (Joaquín Pérez Alonso) shall not be held responsible for the content of any web pages to which the User may gain access through the links established on its website, and declares that under no circumstances shall it examine or exercise any kind of control over the contents of other websites. In the same way, it cannot guarantee the technical availability of any website pages of which it is not the owner and to which access may be gained through the links.
Candle Art (Joaquín Pérez Alonso) declares that it has adopted all the necessary measures to avoid any harm that may be caused to the users of its website by people surfing on its website pages. Shall therefore under no circumstances accept any responsibility for any possible harm that the User may undergo through surfing on the Internet.


Candle Art (Joaquín Pérez Alonso) reserves the right to carry out, without prior notice, any modifications to the content of its website that it may find appropriate, whether it be in relation to the content of the website, to its conditions of use, or to its general conditions for the establishment of contracts. The said modifications may be carried out through its website in any legally acceptable way and shall be of an obligatory nature for as long as they shall be published on the website and until they are duly modified by any subsequent changes.

Reservation of the right to use cookies

Candle Art (Joaquín Pérez Alonso) reserves the right to use cookies when the User is surfing on its website so as to aid the personalization and convenience of surfing. In accordance with the company’s policy of protection of data, it informs users that the cookies are associated with anonymous users and with their computers, but do not in themselves provide the User’s full name.

The User may configure his web browser so as to be notified of the admission of cookies, and may, If he so desires, prevent cookies from being installed on his hard disk. Not with standing the above, the installation of cookies shall not be a compulsory condition for gaining access to the website.

Privacy policy

It communicates to users of the website that the personal data collected by the company through the forms on their pages, will be entered into a le fi automated under the responsibility of Candle Art (Joaquín Pérez Alonso), with finality of reported to facilitate , expedite and fulfill the commitments established between both parties.

Also, CandleArt.es (Rosa Maria Gutierrez Diaz) reports the possibility of exercising rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition by writing to the address JOAQUÍN PÉREZ ALONSO; C/ RIUS Y CARRIÓ 14, 08904 Hospitalet de Llobregat – BARCELONA – SPAIN.

While otherwise noted, means that the data has not been modified, and that there is consent to use in order to loyalty the relationship between the parties.

Intellectual property

The intellectual and industrial property rights arising from the texts, images and the means and methods of presentation and composition of the website’s pages belong, in its own right or as a license-holder, to Candle Art (Joaquín Pérez Alonso). They are therefore creations that are protected as intellectual property by the Spanish legal code, and are covered by both Spanish and European Union regulations in this field and by any international treaties concerning this subject of which Spain is a signatory.

All rights are reserved. In accordance with the Spanish Law concerning Intellectual Property, the reproduction, distribution, public communication and use, partial or total, of the contents of Candle Art website pages, without the explicit consent of Candle Art (Joaquín Pérez Alonso), is expressly prohibited.

© Copyright, all rights reserved, 2020. The Candle Art logo and brand have been registered under Candle Art. Any act of reproduction, distribution and/or public communication of web content (photographs, text and candles) is expressly prohibited. Prior authorization must be granted for any type of publication or advertising.

Legal action and applicable legislation and jurisdiction

Candle Art (Joaquín Pérez Alonso) reserves the option of bringing any civil or criminal lawsuits that it may find appropriate as a result of the unauthorized use of its website pages and contents or of a failure to comply with the above conditions.
The relationship between the User and Candle Art (Joaquín Pérez Alonso) shall be governed by the Spanish legislation currently in force, and disagreement that may arise between the User and Candle Art (Joaquín Pérez Alonso), shall be placed under the jurisdiction of the Courts of the municipality of HOSPITALET DE LLOBREGAT.

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