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      • Use: Special positive and protective effect on different aspects of our life, love, work, economy, bad spells (bad luck), prosperity, personal protection against all evil. It is a call for help to our beings and superior spirits that through the prepared candle road opener, come to our aid whispering their wise advice to our mind.

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The candle open paths is one of the most deeply rooted in the esoteric world, the esoteric candles prepared, as a protection candle offer a wide range of good results in our life, at work, in love, in business, in our personal life… It is a call for help to our beings and superior spirits that through the prepared road opener candle or lucky candles, come to our aid whispering their wise advice to our mind. It is a candle against bad luck or bad spells, in many occasions no matter how hard we try and work, we do not get the results we would like, it is time to have the candles for work, the results are fast and conclusive. When we have to buy candles, we have to pay a lot of attention to their quality and preparation, because a lot will depend on the result.

In short, it is a candle for happiness, by taking away many problems and uncertainties from us. If the situation to be solved has been very entrenched for a long time, we recommend using three candles, one every Thursday for three consecutive weeks.

You can also enhance the ritual by anointing the candles with the Plant Oil Cod.6.02. It is preferable to do the ritual on Thursdays as many times as you think it is necessary.

It is preferable to do the ritual on a Thursday, and if possible to do it during three consecutive Thursdays.

Lucky candles

Indecision and despair often accompany human beings throughout their lives. He feels completely unprotected, he needs the protection candle.

The most recurrent themes in the history of humanity revolve around the luck that we can obtain with the lucky candles. But luck as a word is the title of something general of personal needs. Perhaps the first and most important is to sustain oneself in matter and work is fundamental to being useful to oneself and to society; let’s make candles for work and if we are sad, weak or simply in poor shape, it’s the perfect time for the happiness candle. At least we will enjoy joy.

Nowadays in the esoteric market there is a great quantity of spark plugs, candles and candles of more or less quality. We should introduce into our lives as a daily anecdote more the fact of buy candles. The best that we can find today in the esoteric world, are the esoteric candles prepared. It is obviously understood that they must be previously prepared according to the purpose for which they are going to be used; for example, the candle against bad luck.

Within this type of prepared candles, the road opener candle stands out in a spectacular way as a road opener destined to unblock any obstacle.

Road opener candle

The road opener candle is a powerful protection candle for any circumstance, it will create an invisible aura where evil will not be able to penetrate easily. Its duration will depend on each case and the intensity of negative energies that harass us. When we see that we need additional help will be necessary to repeat the ritual. The paths, which in the same way that they open and close, we need to be at the right time on each occasion, so this special candle will encourage and promote the “meeting” between the person and fortune.

The esoteric candles prepared are ritualized one by one to achieve the purposes that we propose, the process of each of our candles is original and is not constituted by a mass production. Craftsmanship is our reason for being and we apply it in all our products. A lucky candles, in this case candle open paths, candle open paths is a general joker; as well as a candle for work, a happiness candle or any other subject to be dealt with in your lives.

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