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CANDLE CHANGES PROTECTION. In today’s article I want to discuss how to overcome the low mood due to very specific and personal situations of each one of us. Although it seems that it will never happen to us but to others, we are all in equal conditions before the changes that life gives us.

There are many setbacks that break our happiness and harmony, such as diseases, the loss of loved ones, the separation or divorce of a couple, (which in most cases is traumatic if there are children in between) we can mention many cases referring to the troubles of life.

Part of these troubles, some come to us by destiny and others unconsciously provoke us.

In Candle Art, we are aware of this scourge of our society and we have created a Candle Changes Protection code 1.12, it is a candle that in the esoteric market with these characteristics there are none.

The characteristics of the Candle Changes and Protection are mainly two: one to give strength to the person to eliminate the overload of negative energy that leads in his mind, forcing himself to overcome obstacles and see that he is not the only unfortunate person in this world. Step with your feet on the ground and give you courage to face life, surpassing everything that comes to us in the future.

The second characteristic of the Candle Changes Protection, is the one to change destinies that are imposed to us and to give us protection against the possible misfortunes that can come to us.

I hope that the information in this article has been of interest to you.



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