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  • Use: It cuts through the impediments to a company or business increasing its work activity. Increases sales, for bad spells in business. Many large or small entrepreneurs do this as a matter of course and do not wait for the lean season to come, they do it as a matter of course.
  • Day of use: Do the ritual on Thursday
  • Colour: Green
  • Size: 3,6 x 20 cm
  • 100% Beeswax
  • Category: Esoteric candles
  • General Catalogue
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The candle business green is an aid against the candles against bad streaks, are the order of the day by the widespread crisis that there is, no matter how much we strive and we do not manage to lift head, but luck also exists, a good solution is to perform a candles to increase sales. The candles for companies will help us to open a channel for candles against bad streaks. The magic in profitable businesses exists, it has always been practiced with good results, taking into account the bad economic situation of the country, that we have done some kind of evil eye or a black magic spell. The candles against bad streaks in business or candle for business, have to be of quality: pure beeswax, mixed with a variant of plants for the purpose we want to achieve, we make them in this way and also ritualized. A ritual with candles for profitable businesses is beneficial, many large or small entrepreneurs do it regularly.

To reinforce this ritual, you can anoint the candles with the Plant Oil Cod. 6.05.

I recommend doing the ritual on a Thursday, and if possible repeat it for three Thursdays in a row.

Candles for companies

In the current scenario of such disastrous economic policy that we are experiencing, it is not surprising that business sailing has appeared; that along with business whether it is family or one-person business, it is not having a good time either.

It is time to trust in candle for business. Something that everyone knows and that is common knowledge is that the volume of sales has fallen dramatically.

More and more people are relying on a candles to increase sales and to try to get back on their feet. Let us not forget that we are not all salaried workers, there are people who only count on the profits they make from their businesses. And more and more are suffocated by countless taxes.

They try to make their businesses more profitable with the sole purpose of living in the most dignified way possible.

It is a difficult goal to achieve and they put their hopes in a ritual with candles for profitable businesses.

Many times far from being profitable and prosperous they are catastrophic. And, of course, that can be compounded by having a candles against bad streaks. These must be avoided at all costs, because then it is quite difficult to get back on track. The solution: candles against bad streaks. At the first sign of downturn, let’s have the candles against bad streaks in business.

Let’s also be cautious and never forget to have the candles for profitable businesses.


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