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  • Use: It makes it easier for us to attract love, contributing its energy so that when we start the relationship, it is easy and nice. Love, we do not know how long it can last, in our hands is to use the candle perpetual love (candles prepared and magnetized).
  • Day of use: Friday
  • Colour: Natural
  • Size: 3,6 x 20 cm
  • 100% Beeswax
  • Category: Esoteric candles
  • General Catalogue
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The love candle natural or natural love candle is a good instrument to attract affection, if we are not very sociable or not very related to people to establish a relationship. Sometimes we lack a little spark to show our confidence and courage, to demonstrate our esteem for others. The candle lasting love is a candle attracts love, contributing its energy so that when the relationship begins, it is easy and nice. Love, we do not know how long it can last, in our hands is to use the perpetual love candle or returned love candle (prepared candles and magnetized). The love ritual candles has three different aspects: one is if there is no person that interests us at this moment, to propitiate the appearance of that person with more aptitudes that we like.

Another aspect to do the ritual, is if we already have a couple but we are going through some moments of sentimental crisis. And then there is the person who has left our side by circumstances without much importance and we want to return to our side, then it is a good opportunity to use the returned love candle love. All our candles with plants are made of beeswax.

To increase the result in this ritual you can anoint the candles with the Plant Oil Cod. 6.04. Always perform the ritual on a Friday.

Love attraction with candles

Love is a good thing that life offers us. Achieving happiness through love forever is a way to have emotional stability and if that is what we want, we have the candle lasting love. If we want to prolong this love in the time that it lasts, we will achieve it by doing a careful love ritual candles.

We may not have love in our lives yet and if we want love, to attract love to our destiny, we will buy a wonderful candle attracts love that will help us.

But if our aspirations are higher we may want something more lasting and more permanent with the perpetual love candle.

That long-term, almost eternal thought will come if we get some great candles with plants. It is understandable that the plants contained in these candles are especially suitable for love affairs.

But since life is very complicated to understand and live, it may be that love has moved away from us. We may need it very much and want it back. In that case, the returned love candle candle may mean a more hopeful illusion.

Let us not hesitate to trust once again in the prepared candles for this purpose. They will guide us and will bring us many positive results.


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