The meaning of candles

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The meaning of candles

The meaning of candles

The meaning of candles. Candles are not a current invention, far from it. They go back to the most primitive past .. Doing a firm retrospect backwards in history, there we have them.

The man confronted them with everything negative. Many primitive peoples used candles in the religious, (temples and gods) and in the daily household.

The greatest exponents were classic Rome and Greece and equally East and West. From the fourth century they have constituted an offering to the sacred. In the Catholic Church a good example is the Paschal Candle on Easter Sunday. Fire as a belief in the sacred was forged in ancient civilizations. The candles have reached us and have been basic in the divinatory arts. The meaning of the candles has been evolving and there are candles of many colors for any purpose.

In Candle Art we strongly affirm the following: When a material or spiritual concept such as a candle, remains so unchanging and unalterable through generations; centuries and millennia is because it has to be recorded in its possession; in its purest essence with some extremely positive and benefactory property for Humanity.

Something that is practical, positive or beneficial and even useful; within the framework of the traditions and in the life system of the people, it does not survive. Nor will it survive in the basic cultural framework in a stable, indisputable and immovable way.

Thoroughly reviewing the history of the meaning of candles in the future of human beings, it is very reasonable to be able to affirm that in their essence candles fulfill the powers and properties attributed to them:

-The created our ancestors and ancestors.

– They have covered all the expectations that we have entrusted to them.

-They fulfill the mission of accompanying us, guiding us and comforting us in the tortuous path of our existence.

We have experienced the meaning of candles for many years and it is our way of believing and working.



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