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SAINTS CANDLES. The saints traditionally, in our culture and religion, are characters from the past. At some point in their lives they detached adventurous and were able to perform extraordinary acts of love and humanity to his fellow men. Always within a constant range of absolute mercy and delivery. Some are already very old and very settled in the Catholic Church, such as St. Francis of Assisi S. XII, and therefore belonging to the High Middle Ages.

Other more contemporary and even our own century, for example, Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Both showed signs of holiness (as in life) and shortly after his death. But who is really a saint? It is called Santo / aa individual who has been able to work a miracle in life by a renunciation of projects and ambitions; They have devoted their lives to help and delivered completely disinterested neighbor. It is very traditional in our culture and religion go to church. And when we find some trouble to bow before their wooden images and become worthy of a favor. Then we can also find them in more specialized stores with carved images or even candles in the shape of saints or holy candles definitive in.

SAINTS CANDLES. They are there burning with desire to help. Ask and it will be granted. These beings of Light are here to guide our earthly journey and help us understand God. They are intermediaries between God and us. Its purpose is closer to the truth of God, and often got them because there is a big problem in our lives. The problems are paths that life gives us to teach us what is the destination we finish. So when you’ve reached your goal, you have made promises in exchange for a favor and this has been granted you, trying to light a candle as a saint, as it offers CANDLE ART. In you’ll find a selection of candles of saints or particularly significant entities. There is the option to purchase a holy candle individually; or holy candles on Pack version, consisting of:

– 1 contains virgin bee wax candle with herbs as holy

– 1 candle related to the mission attributable to the holy candle

-1 Incense plant

– One plant oil to anoint candles 5cc

– 2 recipients

The quality is the same as ever, holy candle and candle are beeswax mixed with a variety of plants, roots and seeds for the specific petition.

So you know, when you need the intercession of a saint for a favor will be granted; not hesitate to use a candle Santo. You will feel a little closer to their identity and their protection or protection. They are happy to lend his image to a candle to console / lighten.

To know what the saints with whom we work in are CANDLE ART, we invite you to visit our website: And that the “sanctity” be with you !!!.


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