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LANGUAGE OF THE CANDLES WHEN BURNING is something that has been observed since time immemorial. Since ancient times it was believed that the candlelight dissipated man of the darkness, the cold, the things that work in the dark and evil spirits.
Using candles requires personal effort, not enough light them, we must put much faith as when we recite a prayer; feel that they are expressing their innermost feelings. The language left on burning candles indicate hidden messages, astral nature. Candles tell us innumerable things that can occur in the short or long term, by the way they burn.
They are magical sources of information. As it burns, as the flame moves, the seal remains when off … etc. This system of divination, one of the oldest, is called: licnomancia, derived from the Latin word “lychmus” which means lamp or light. LANGUAGE OF THE CANDLES WHEN BURNING can be interpreted from various viewpoints. Here are the most common:
– If the candle wax opens to one side and spills is a sign that the roads are opened. You have to look at what approximate cardinal point is that opening. Opening to the East announces success in intellectual things, tests, art …
– If you open southwards will not speak of health and disease departure.
– Westbound developments are of love.
– To the north, new job and economic progress.
Drops or tears shed by candles reveal to us is working as we make the request:
– Teardrop right: positive solution.
– Tear left: negative solution.
– Tears with changes of direction: no clear solution, seek more support.
– Several tears form a large: accumulation of conflict situations, seek support, if you then right can be solved, if it goes to the left, no.
– A large tear which is divided into several directions: the problem will be solved, look directions.
– Tears coming down the center of the candle: solution to requests after the conflict.
– Tears falling to the bottom making breaks by problems during the process, lack of support.
– Tears coming down quickly to the base: quick solution to problems.
The language on burning candles also speaks of the flame: What does the flame of the candle ?. First we will set sail well on the plate, with wooden matches will light and begin to observe the candle and its movement considering that:
– If the flame sparks: it warns of possibility of accident in the water.
– If the flame ranges from left to right you will be announcing a (positive or negative) change that will affect the life of the client.
– If you move contrary to right and left is announcing marriage or birth in the family.
– If the flame is inclined to the right, swing, it indicates that soon receive good news.
– If you lean to the left we are warning us that we have to be less impulsive to succeed in life.
– If the flame oscillates spiral announces that our enemies are plotting something against us.
– A flame that rises and falls continuously, many setbacks in business or in our profession.
– If slowly: next entry money.
– If a sign of prosperity brilliant point is formed in the very short term and success in our plans on the wick.
– If the flame is burning and causing smoke, conflicts and problems with paper door.
– If the flame goes out alone Unexplained air or anything that indicates that the hardest part of the order will be made, but the rest depends only on you, your willpower and sacrifice to get to see it done.
In conclusion we could say that a candle lagrimea much, let figures and seals, are indicating what the situation, we can only interpret it. What we have just described are some examples of everything that can express LANGUAGE OF THE CANDLES WHEN BURNING.
Surely, every person and every experience may provide yet, if anything, more data; since it is an extensive and full of interpretive possibilities as consultants and curious delve into this world world.
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