Recover the sexual passion with the couple

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Recover the sexual passion

Recover the sexual passion with the couple

Recover the sexual passion with the couple

Recover the sexual passion with the couple. It is a sail of great Latin American tradition that rooted in the European continent and significantly in the Spanish esoteric tradition. It is one of the most valued entities to make moorings and spells of love and sex. It is also often demanded to be very close to our partner and eliminate distancing.

Candle Pomba Gira – sexual debauchery

The intention is to eliminate fears and prejudices of both members; So that the relationship is satisfactory, durable and complacent. And positive forever or in the present moment.

It is also indicated for a chance encounter to develop according to what we have planned. It is important that we do the ritual on Tuesday to take advantage of the great cosmic energy of the planet mentioned. We must apply logic and universal reason to reap positive benefits. With Pomba Gira, we can recover the loved one by sexual means and return it to our side.

To do a ritual where the Pomba Gira takes part, is a fact of weight, since it is the Queen of love and of the sex and the requests that are made to him; Have to be very correct and very consistent. The ritual must focus from the serenity and seriousness so that it manifests its influence in all its potential. To recover the sexual passion with the couple.

This candle will help us to feel a “burning” and a very special attraction for our partner, to the point that can not be repressed

If the relationship between the two people is cold and distant, Pomba Gira will reactivate it with strength and determination. All this is very simple, if what we demand is within the possibilities offered by the Universe, we will be granted. The potentiality of the Cosmos is infinite and Pomba Turns the perfect channel to obtain the desire.

It will greatly increase the desire and sexual force of your relationships.

Do not hesitate to make us one of our herbal candles Pomba Gira; You will observe a

Before and after in terms of performance. It is an attractive red candle: to emphasize the increase of passion. And black to minimize fears, negativities and complex. The perfect combination for a complete and extraordinary enjoyment.

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