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LEAP YEARS: TRAGEDY OR SUPERSTITION. A leap year is the one that adds 366 days instead of the 365 of a common year. To do this, we add one day to the shortest month of the year, February, which has 28, remaining 29 days to correct the gap that exists with the actual relationship of one year that is 365 days and 6 hours approximately. The accumulation of these hours in a single day of four years, allows us to keep the calendar because if there was no February 29, we would lose 25 days of each century, causing a major mismatch in the seasons. And is that if we had not invented leap years today we would be in July of 2012. How cold to be in summer !.

Nevertheless many myths have been created and much superstition in relation to these years. And this is clearly indicated by the Spanish refranero: “leap year, year sinister”. This popular belief goes back to the time of the Romans, who called them nefarious.

The really curious thing is that in theory and according to the astrology, there is no scientific explanation that demonstrates the truthfulness of these facts. Every year the sun will pass through the zodiacal wheel without leaving any sign at random.

In practice and if we look back we can observe that the most terrible events in the history of mankind have occurred in leap years.

Here at CANDLE ART, we do not want to be catastrophic, since we offer solutions, but what has already happened and documented historically has been marked forever in the collective imagination of humanity.

So let’s do a little review and we leave doubts:

– The sinking of the Titanic off the coast of Newfoundland took place in leap year 1,912.

– The two world wars were the most devastating war conflicts of humanity, also occurring in leap.

– The Spanish civil war broke out in 1936 (also leap), ravaging the country and creating grudges that unfortunately last at present.

– Assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, assassinated in the leap of 1.968 before thousands of people.

– Attack on Mahatma Gandhi assassinated in the leap of 1.948.

– In this year 2,016 there have been great natural disasters, innumerable air crashes, warlike conflicts, many famous people have left us this year …

And as enumerating so many tragedies gives us bad news even to us, we are going to stop here.

If in our particular case, our family, friends or acquaintances, have suffered numerous misfortunes; We will tell you that we can deal with so much negative energy. We recommend you to clean with candles (both black and natural) on a Tuesday, to banish bad luck once and for all. On a personal level, if we are afraid of not being protected, we can use a Saint Cyprian candle on a Tuesday, a Protection Change candle on Thursday, a St. George candle on Thursday and a St. Benedict candle on Tuesday.

All of them are excellent to keep away everything we do not want in our lives and be protected on a personal level. And if throughout this year, there are many paths that have closed you, we will carry out an unlock and to clear obstacles with candles Abrecaminos Luck.

With all this you will notice a very positive energy sweep and a great feeling of peace will flood you. Ah! Congratulations, because we have three years ahead of the dreaded leap.

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