Help health and diseases – José Gregorio Hernández

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Help health and diseases

Help health and diseases – José Gregorio Hernández

Help health and diseases – José Gregorio Hernández

Help health and diseases. Health or sometimes lack of it, is one of the basic concerns that humanity faces from the earliest antiquity; Since without health we can opt nothing.

Today we bring you a significant candle from South America, loaded with great mysticism. It is the candle of Dr. José Gregorio Hernández. One of the most health-related entities is concerned. He was a Venezuelan doctor of the nineteenth century. A remarkable man of science who knew how to combine science and religion (he was a great Christian devotee). He is a “saint” not recognized as such by the Catholic Church, serving the poor and the homeless. An altruistic healer who is credited with numerous miracles and who can be asked the best doctors.

First of all he was a philanthropist: charitable and generous to the poor whom he did not charge for his services.

It is a candle indicated for general health problems. Where conventional medicine does not come, maybe this particular candle can help you

Since the field of Health is far from finding the absolute knowledge of the binomials: health-disease, life-death. The sail is not intended to compete at all with the aforementioned sector, but rather to be complementary and alternative.

The important thing is to find solutions and results. Unfortunately losing health is easy and recovering an Odyssey. Candle and entity can: put us on the right path to regain health; Or ask for amparo and fortress to face the long journey well equipped.

The candle José Gregorio of Candle Art can be an important element in that luggage. It is specially designed to heal and prevent diseases: ALWAYS AS A COMPLEMENT TO A TRADITIONAL-CONVENTIONAL MEDICAL TREATMENT

We will also ask you to strengthen us spiritually to face the misfortune of being far from optimal health. It is also an effective prevention when we are suspected of being ill.

It is a two-colored candle, natural at the top (symbol of high spirituality) and blue at the bottom to bring us peace, stability and balance.

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