Find satisfactory employment

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Find satisfactory employment

Find satisfactory employment

Find satisfactory employment

Find satisfactory employment. The candle we bring you today will not leave anyone indifferent. People who are experiencing real difficulties or labyrinthine situations as well as a great state of confusion; They will find in it a great tool.

St. George was a valiant knight of the High Middle Ages, whose mission was to participate in the crusades and therefore defend the pillars of Christianity, becoming the patron saint of the holy knights. It was a commendable example of struggle, perseverance and tenacity.

He faced adversity, overcame it and put himself before it. As for its name it is quite significant that it comes from the ancient Greek (georgos), which means “the one who works the earth”.

St. George is a very peculiar saint because of the number of patronesses attributed to him

He is invoked to: open roads, unlock situations, personal and family protections, activate business and find employment. So it is directly related to luck and prosperity. Due to the large number of activities and purposes he carried out; Is a patron of countless activities and professions: soldiers, farmers, circus people, prisoners, mountain climbers and mountaineers. It is also related to the death of the dragon.

This has led to his being invoked against venomous snakes and even in Slav countries “against the evil eye.” Observing the future of his life, it is very reasonable that he is very united to the force of overcoming and to overcome the tyranny.

Effective ally when it comes to applying for a job that suits us

He is a very active saint who will mobilize all his energy to grant us this. In situations of injustice, misery or misfortune do not hesitate to ask for their comfort and support. It will protect us from negativity and return us to the safe path. This candle of St. George will help us with his sword and his wisdom to banish difficulties and blockades. It will infuse your spirit of struggle and destroy all kinds of negativities to find that job that will contribute so much to feel fulfilled.

It will guide with confidence and security the tests that constitute the tortuous way of life.

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