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CLEAN ENERGY NEGATIVE SPIRITS, DECEASED AND ENTITIES. Conduct an energy cleaning bodies, deceased negative spirits and is one of the best practices that can make to better keep daily lives.
Our life is spent in a very busy, full of haste world and everything around us is matter. It is a short-sighted we can conclude that beyond this material world perceived through our senses; is the energy, spiritual, ethereal world … To the naked eye can not see it but we notice “when we’re up to our necks.” We are able to perceive manifestations of negative entities in night hours, small blows, gnashing of furniture and countless breakdowns in appliances. At the level of health it is most often find a chest tightness (or solar plexus if we talk in terms of small farms) leaves almost we breathe; heaviness in the stomach and feeling heavy ball in it. We can also experience insecurity and chills that do not correspond to the temperature and atmosphere. We feel overwhelmed with a lot and we realize that we are not able to cope on our own effort to do more. That’s when we choose to give you good advice: make a CLEAN ENERGY NEGATIVE SPIRITS, DECEASED AND ENTITIES. To do this we will use the two candles Cleaning, Cleaning the Natural and Black Cleaning. If possible, we will take out a Tuesday and if possible also in Waning Moon.
First we light the Black Cleaning because it is the candle that absorbs more negativity and stronger. Then Natural Cleaning which is going to transmute all this negativity to the light, that do not return much later or never to return.
Shortly after starting to do the ritual you will notice a relaxation of the intestine, they will cease all kinds of noises and bumps. And best of all, you intoxicate an inner peace and wellbeing ye find perhaps as never experienced. The ritual that you just described, is basically to eliminate all kinds of negativities.
Once you have set aside all the negative, it is time to plant. We will carry out another ritual to attract good spirits with candles Pathfinder-luck, to unblock the roads and bring prosperity to our lives. This you will do at least once a week and if possible on Friday. You will see the good things that happen to you. If occasionally do an energy CLEANING NEGATIVE SPIRITS, DECEASED AND ENTITIES, life will be very different. As always more information on the web: www.candleart.es/en/

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