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CANDLE TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM. From a few years to this part, the candles have gained great popularity in all sectors. They have gone from being a humble request in a church to be present in all areas of our daily life, above all part of the decoration of our homes. This is all very well, but unfortunately, we have strayed far from the primeval function attributed to a candle. And this function was to establish contact with spiritual entities to solve a problem.

At the time of our parents and grandparents, the candles were a brownish-brown color, which is the original color of pure honeybee candles from those of a lifetime.
Later the Latin American population brought us colored candles. And for many years now the candles are not handmade, nor the raw material is not what it was (pure beeswax); Being all this replaced by another type of candle.
Much cheaper candles; Refined paraffin candles or synthetic candles that only serve to illuminate when there is a power outage. But when it comes to obtaining good results at an esoteric, energetic or other level, little or nothing will be obtained.

The current market is completely saturated, (everyone sells candles of all kinds), of all sizes, colors and shapes … And the most shocking thing is that these candles have a ridiculous price of 1 Euro, 2 Euros, 3 Euros and little more. That’s when we ask ourselves how it’s possible they’re so cheap. One is because they are completely synthetic candles made with paraffins, synthetic derivatives of oil and also with fat or tallow of animal origin. At other times we will find companies that are going to collect the remains of the wax from the candles of the churches: Can you imagine how much pain, how much sadness and how much negativity has this raw material printed for cheap?
CANDLE ART is well aware of these two aspects mentioned above.


For 25 years we have started our journey in this sector and we are aware of this reality. We work in a very different way, so that you can get positive results and solve a problem that really strikes you.

CANDLEART buys pure and unadulterated bee wax from the beekeeper, transports it to its craft workshop and produces it manually without any mechanical or material support. Our hands are our main work tools. The herbal combinations we make and we have been previously tested, so that they burn in the most satisfactory way possible.
We have created about 300 references approximately to try to solve almost all problems that may arise in life.

CANDLE TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM. They are made with lots of love and a lot of patience. Features that can not be found if they are made with an industrial injection mold.
We also advise our clients against any doubts that may arise. Or about which candle is most appropriate for your particular problem.
All this makes our product cost slightly higher than the conventional product described above. But what we can assure you is that you will see strong results that will far exceed your expectations.
It is a very careful and very elaborate product, in which the time invested does not count. The initial investment of a candle for a big problem … Do not you think it’s worth a try ?. Read this article carefully and draw your own conclusions.

Nowadays artisan ceramics have almost completely disappeared. And candles of the characteristics of CANDLE ART will not find them in the market.

Read our website and you will find a very detailed description of the candles we make at


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