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BEESWAX CANDLES WITH PLANTS SUCH AS CANDLE ART MANUFACTURES. The beeswax candles, as manufactures CANDLE ART, has gone hand craft like ours. Mostly nowadays they are made industrially. Since it is an extremely laborious and expensive work, sometimes both concepts will not always be willing to be assumable by the customer. The first step we perform, is to buy directly the beekeeper beeswax, to make sure it is a 100% pure product. No paraffin or synthetic petroleum. Then we proceed to the collected, crushed and arduous task of herbóreas mixtures, in our little “big” craft workshop where we do not have a single machine, because the entire product is manufactured (with our own hands only).

Well, all that herborístico work is carried out in three days very special with respect to the Christian calendar: Christmas Eve (coinciding with the winter solstice), Good Friday, All Saints Night of San Juan (also coinciding with the summer solstice; festivities all loaded with a strong power and popular tradition where cosmic doors of the universe to human open and of course also for all what we desire to achieve these combinations are magnetized and herbs are healed one by one with.. Reiki. Imagine how complex work !. it is also important to tell you that each bar contains a combination herbórea from 30/40 different plants herborístico respond to a previous study, to be sure that nothing responds randomly. And none of nearly 300 references we have, absolutely none of them herbórea combination is repeated; that makes BEESWAX CANDLES WITH PLANTS SUCH AS CANDLE ART MANUFACTURES, is genuine and unmistakable. We use the wide range that the Mediterranean Herbalist, world famous for its efficient results offer. The colors are also studied, choosing cool colors range when to clean, calm, harmonize or even reverse the situation.

For issues where necessary strengthen, contributing to the flowering, increase, etc … we decantaremos by warm, pastel colors to address issues of feelings and emotions. A very important point is the candle wick, cradling the channeler and holds the fire element; Well CANDLE ART only use 100% cotton wicks and specially treated so they do not they smoke, that nasty black smoke and everything sticks. Therefore they comprise a great time, produce a steady and firm wick that does not go under any circumstances related to the internal characteristics of the sail. For all these reasons and having the experience of our twenty-three years. It bring wonderful results; sometimes beyond what the human mind can take.

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