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AGAINST BULLYING CANDLES CANDLE ART. It is a sad reality that is hitting our society. We talk about it in all media: television, print, radio …
The bullyng or better known as bullying is a tremendous and dramatic mass phenomenon that is hard to shake the foundations of our youth. Victims of this phenomenon are often children and young people young age that distill violence and contempt for others unprecedented and unusual. Luckily, it seems that the Administration and the competent authorities on the subject; They have taken action on the matter.

Unfortunately there have been cases that have ended up resorting to suicide to end this nightmare. And adults and society in general, as civilized and advanced society we want to be, we can not tolerate that this will be placing increased.

That is why CANDLE ART offers solutions in two ways: the first one to report it to the management of schools and to the competent authorities.
The second, giving the victim support and protection so that it can recover as soon as possible. We can also help our children and adolescents with a small selection of very effective candles.

AGAINST BULLYING. To detect a case like this is very important to look around them and see the environment in which they operate. If we see nervous or anxious, candle San Marcos, it is great to appease enemies, disputes and confrontations. The tense atmosphere is more sedate. But if the long-awaited peace does not come, then we can resort to sail dominant spirit. This particular can greatly help the victim, first taking away all the negativity and then will give courage and strength to face the situation.
Ultimately it will help the person to change the situation of domination, dominating becomes dominated and vice versa. We could say that is a role reversal, it is empowering and security to the victim and take it away from whom evil work.

When situations are unsustainable we recommend using candle Cut: To cut to the chase negative relationships, bad company and undesirable people, with this candle get cut conflict root and definitively. It is very effective to solve these conflicts.

But sometimes you may need to be backed up by another candle by the gravity of the situation. The candle of San Alejo is particularly suited to ward off enemies, avoid criticism, unwanted visits and especially clean envy and jealousy.
These defects are responsible for many conflict situations that occur very frequently.

Therefore, from CANDLE ART try to raise awareness to the fullest, because where there is violence, there is no justice, much less peace and quiet.

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