CANDLE PHALLUS REGULATOR FOR MALE SEXUALITY. Gradually the issue of sexuality has left a taboo. Whenever we are able to accept that male sexuality plays a major role in the field of human reproduction. CANDLE PHALLUS REGULATOR FOR SEXUALITY MALE: So today a very interesting article we bring. We have this candle in three versions: red phallus, black and natural phallus phallus fifteen, seventeen and nineteen centimeters tall, the three available in three sizes.

They are candles that have traditional herbórea formulation and a small boat with plant extract oil to anoint him (except for the version in natural). Well, let’s start with red phallus and their properties. It is intended primarily to increase sexual desire as well as to prolong erections in situations where the person is no appetite because of stress or sometimes pressures of everyday life and concerns. It is also indicated in cases of erectile dysfunction. Is accompanied by a plant oil (oil Force) to anoint him and encourage it. The black phallus, this is really a candle phallus, a controller for male sexuality. Its most important function is to reduce sexual attraction where the man shows an excessive sexual desire and woman can not always keep up.

For cases of obsessions in which sex is the primary motivation of life or sometimes when we find more pathological situations such as hypersexuality (more commonly nymphomania). It is characterized by extreme frequency in libido or sexual activity. With this phallus we are what we intend to have an insatiable man this candle phallus regulator for MALE SEXUALITY. Accompanying him to extract oil plants Cut; We improve with great results. And finally we have the wild card that helps us when we have to make any request that urges us and we have another version. Well the phallus in natural version lacks the herbórea combination is simply beeswax, either with oil plant extract; but it does not make it less effective.

A general level is useful for all kinds of activities related to the issue that concerns us requests. Although this version is most recommended for health topics: any pathology related to the male reproductive system, requesting that health is restored as soon as possible. We can also make requests for sexual functions of our partners are protected from attack by suspected envy or jealousy … or we can intuit that our sex are imbued with joy and ease and give a spiritual touch. Feelings and emotions that flow from our hearts and souls, for fusion with the loved one is full, rewarding and full of sentimental love, not only physiological material. So when we have to iron out differences on a sexual level, no doubt it: CANDLE PHALLUS REGULATOR FOR MALE SEXUALITY

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