YELLOW CANDLE MONEY code 1.09, is related to the unexpected arrival of economic aid in difficult times we are going through.

It can come in different ways, either because of an increase in our work activity, by gambling, by an inheritance or for any other reason.

The yellow candle of money must be used on Thursday, the day of the planet Jupiter, symbol of prosperity and abundance. Use it with all your faith (even if they are already ritualized) and read carefully the instructions for use.

I also recommend the yellow candle money to increase the memory in the studies and in general for everything related to the intellectual world. It develops the intellect and helps us to retain everything we have learned in our memories.

I also advise (before lighting the yellow candle for money), if you have a blockage of any kind, use the candle of the minibrower code 1.03, also on Thursday. It will help you improve your situation in general. It’s like an energetic cleaning that will eliminate general impediments that make it difficult for you to spend your work, family, sentimental life …

In this way the result of the yellow candle of money will be more optimal to have free path for its purpose.

The results of the candle abrecaminos luck you will notice instantly; seeing in your environment substantial changes in your daily life that will surprise you. All this energetic cleaning that will bring you, will facilitate the yellow candle of money to achieve its objective.

Money can help us achieve relative stability in terms of tranquility, security, harmony and balance in our lives.


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