Why of our existence

Why of our existence

Why of our existence

Why of our existence

Why of our existence. From very remote times, man has asked himself why our existence, some have remained unanswered, yet others by their spiritual level through their communications with the afterlife as mediators; they have been able to decipher us with a similar similarity of coincidences as to the reason for our existence.

All the elements in the universe: the human, animal, vegetable, mineral, form a whole in the universe, everything is under their control in the assignment of the functions of each of them, forming a balance in all of them.

In the rational intelligence of the human being, we have to think about the existence of an energy far superior to ours that harmonizes the energies of the universe.

It is normal to think about the eternity of our existence and why in this life, we are not all equal: in ways of thinking, having been born with physical or normal deficiencies, being born in a well-settled or poor family, having higher moral attitudes than others…

All this should make us think about why our existence, the type of situation we are living in this life, adapt and fight to be more perfect and reduce as much as possible our wheel of reincarnations.

In Candle Art, this is our way of thinking and our philosophy. Make our work better every day, more and more perfect candles so that our sufferings are more comforted, solve difficult situations in our lives and change our destiny as much as possible.



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