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USEFULL INSTRUCTIONS TO BURN CANDLES. Not everyone has the skill to burn a candle, so today we bring you useful instructions to burn candles safely and successfully. The candles have to know them a bit and understand that if we do not care and feeling of what we really feel and ask only that the candles are candles!. Energy and vibration up to you and magic you exercise on request. Here we bring you a series of basic tips that everyone should know. We all use candles, we light candles to eliminate odors, the smoke, snuff, celebrate an anniversary, a romantic dinner when lack of electricity, etc … It is also common the use of candles in all kinds of Churches and Religions, we place the candles in our craft workshop CANDLE ART; It is completely devotional and magical, so we minimally observe a code of ethics and some useful instructions, the following guidelines:
1) Take clear awareness of how, when and why, before lighting a candle.
2) Define clearly if the magical work and devotional desire is for ourselves or for someone else.
3) If it is for someone else to tell there are indispensably his previous and his desire approval. Otherwise, we would incur a basic error in what is a Ritual of White Magic, because lacking the ethereal essential fluid of the person in question our work would be empty, null and even harmful, both for the individual and for us same.
4) Should carefully choose the day, time, the spirit benefactor to invoke for the request and for the day; depending on the desire and request to make.
5) Keep in mind that the Candle can be worked as a method of divination or as protection system or as an aid to achieve a desire, cure a disease or simply ask for light and guidance on our way. But for this guide is a reliable compass we can not forget USEFULL INSTRUCTIONS TO BURN CANDLES.
6) Become aware that the use of candles is not a game, and therefore we should not do it. What we can solve through our personal effort does not require magical help of any kind. Try not to fall into the indiscriminate use and abuse, which only lead us to a childish dependence and later harmless, the magical work of Sails. Away from superstition and be respectful of the Divine Flame is the formula to get the best result.
7) Light a candle is a magical ritual, you touch a door, it is to invoke forces and go to a Superior Essences to which we must turn if only real need.
Better to give than to receive, and every time we ask and we are given, we must be aware that we in turn have to correspond in its proper place, why should not ask for more than you need, or ask for more than we can return.
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