Transit of death, help

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Transit of death

Transit of death, help

Transit of death, help

Transit of death. In this earthly life, for many desires, illusions, projects that we have in mind, most of the time they are not fulfilled by different circumstances: by destiny, by not being sufficiently prepared to carry them out … What is real is the death, in the course of our life we ​​do not think about it, only when we grow older, we lack vitality and begin the ailments.

Also when our closest people leave this world and we feel that we are already in the queue.

Death is not a change of plane in our existence as spirits. In some people it is easier or difficult for them to accept such a change, it depends on their spiritual evolution and the clinging to matter.

Many people who have reached the other shore are disoriented, do not know or do not accept where they are for lack of faith.

They often manifest at the beginning of their death, until they do not accept their state, with paranormal phenomena in the home of the closest people, is a way to demonstrate that they are not conforming to their new condition. In the course of time they will accept it and enjoy the Light of the Creator.

These paranormal phenomena that we have discussed can be of several forms, such as: blows to the walls, crunching of furniture, breaking glass vessels, presence of shadows or the one of the deceased himself.

Also during this mourning season, we will find ourselves very low in mood or energy.

In Candle Art apart from praying and remembering our loved one, we recommend some candles in particular for this case: CHANGES PROTECTION Code 1.12 and OBSESSIONS Cod. 10.8. The results are very adequate for the spirit of the deceased to accept his condition that he is not in this world and is happy enjoying the Divine Light, forgetting the suffering and miseries of this world.

The way to use the candles, is to light them one every day, in three or nine days in a row (novena).

If you want to have more information about these candles.


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