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TOXIC PEOPLE BREAK UP CANDLE. Our vision of society according to what periods of our existence, is affected by the negative interference of some people to wish us misfortune in our lives.

These people can be presented as wolves in sheep’s clothing and we know of their intentions after a time or never.Not everyone goes with these toxic intentions, but the vast majority yes, is the essence of man: envy, want to be more or have more than the other, that after all the evil is produced by them as they suffer Happiness and misfortune is already marked in our destiny, there is no need for toxic people to make life more bitter for us.

In the energetic world in which we work, we can recommend sailing away toxic people (Candle de San Alejo), it is magnetized and offers very effective results, it removes the person taking away the obsession towards us, so that life is easier for you. Do not harm this person, you will only forget us so that you can live more calmly and the bad storms or disastrous coincidences that affect you so much in your life disappear.

The candle away toxic people (Candle San Alejo) is already ritualized, you just have to take it with both hands and mentally imagine that the person moves away from your side, then unwrap the candle and place it in a container about 10 cm. in diameter and turn it on.

Do this ritual always on a Tuesday (day of the planet Mars, the one of strength and the fight for the right thing), if you do it on another day of the week it will not give you the same result.

The candle removes toxic people (Candle de San Alejo) code 1.21 together with its synonym Candle break up bad relationships code 10.04 you can see them on our website.

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