Thyme Candle

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Thyme Candle

Thyme Candle

Thyme Candle code 3.02 is made only with beeswax and crushed thyme, does not carry aromas or essential oils and is made entirely by hand in our craft factory. The properties of the Vela Thyme are very well known from always, in the health and in the spiritual field: it favors the love to give it strength and duration, attracts the good luck burning that plant. It offers a mental psychic development to have a more direct communication with the hereafter, placed under the pillow offers a restful sleep without disturbing dreams, to make an energetic cleaning in our home and a great feature is that it gives us an incredible value and energy for face any situation.

Many times, due to physical or psychological wear we are lacking in energy and dynamism, which leads us to lead a life without our own initiative, at the expense of being directed or manipulated by the most powerful or dominant.

The Thyme Candle will give you courage to face in personal and work life all kinds of obstacles such as: any type of harassment, eliminate fears when starting a romantic relationship without complexes, bureaucratic issues such as trials, face with character to all kinds of people who can humiliate or embarrass us: co-workers, friends, family, people who criticize us for our way of being or thinking …

The ritual with the Vela Thyme should be done on Friday, since the ruling planet of thyme is Venus. We must take the candle with both hands and ask with all our faith to the universe, the creator or the entity in which you have more faith, to visualize your change of attitude in the face of the circumstance that torments you and to think that you are victorious.

Then unwrap the candle, smooth the base of the candle and place it in a container of approximately 10 cm. letting it consume until the end.

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